Doncaster firework experts issue garden display advice

Doncaster-based supplier of home-use and event fireworks, Fireworks Kingdom, have revealed their top tips for safely enjoying firework celebrations.

Wednesday, 27th October 2021, 12:19 pm
“Exercise caution, follow the fireworks code, and you will have a fantastic display at home.”

This follows an increase in the number of at-home firework displays since COVID restrictions prevented public displays last year.

Richard Hogg, Shop Manager at Fireworks Kingdom said: “Firework celebrations have traditionally been a neighbourhood event.

"Bonfire Night in particular, is a communal event for neighbours to celebrate together, with large paid events a more modern phenomenon.

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“With the increase in at-home display popularity over the past year, we believe that firework events might move back to these roots.

“Not every garden is suitable for hosting a display. Cut back on foliage and remove any branches or other obstructions over the firing site.

"Provide a minimum spectator distance of 25 metres, even if you’re using fireworks with smaller charges.

"And take note of the direction of the wind. Watch the fireworks from upwind of the display, and ensure the area downwind is clear of any flammable materials or property.

“Follow the rules in your area. Generally, you can set fireworks off up to midnight on Bonfire Night, and 1AM for New Year’s Eve, Diwali, and Chinese New Year. Outside of these dates, fireworks can’t be set off after 11PM.

“Give your neighbours plenty of notice and be respectful.

“Exercise caution, follow the fireworks code, and you will have a fantastic display at home.”

Firework related injuries each year have been at their lowest since 2014, with the NHS reporting 117 injuries last year when almost all displays were hosted in gardens and privately across the UK.

Fireworks Kingdom hope this number can be reduced further with their garden display safety tips:

When hosting or attending a garden display:

Only buy CE classification fireworks, with 1.4 marked on them, indicating these are intended for the general public and are safe for use.

Keep fireworks in the original package, and keep fireworks set-up ahead of the event covered until the display.

Follow the spectator distance on the fireworks, often 25 metres.

Ensure there are no trees, cables or anything else above the firing zone.

Designate a debris zone, that any wind will blow debris into. Ensure there are no flammable materials or objects here.

Have buckets of water on standby to douse any failed fireworks. Only return to failed fireworks a minimum of 15 minutes after lighting them.

Aim fireworks away from the crowd.

Wear safety goggles, head torches, heat-resistant gloves, and non-flammable clothing when lighting fireworks.

Use a long taper stick to light fireworks from the side at arm's length.

Supervise kids at all times, and never give sparklers to children under the age of 5.

Keep your pets indoors so they don’t startle - but place them in a room with a window towards the display, as they are often more anxious about sounds without a visible source.

Sparklers can burn at 2000 degrees - 20 times above boiling water - so need to be handled carefully.

Fireworks Kingdom have released this advice on handling sparklers safely:

Stick sparklers into carrots for your kids

Keep sparklers away from other fireworks

Don’t light more than one at once

Light sparklers at arm's length

Always place used sparklers in a bucket of sand or water

And don’t give sparklers to children under 5.