Bradfield and Dale Dike Reservoir with Doncaster Ramblers

The drive to our start point was something of a magical mystery tour but, thanks to the miracle of GPS we arrived in good time, and being aware of our carbon footprint, Doncaster Ramblers are regular ‘car sharers’ too.

By Peter Rowsell
Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 1:54 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th September 2019, 11:55 am
Bradfield & Dale Dike Reservoir
Bradfield & Dale Dike Reservoir

It was bright, and sunny as 36 of us set off with Norman at the helm, from Low Bradfield (which centres on a quintessentially English cricket pitch and bowling green, and where the Village Post Office doubles as an inviting tea room called Flask End) for a great day’s walking in this often overlooked corner of the Peak District to the north west of Sheffield.

Heading off in a north easterly direction we began a climb, as promised, towards High Bradfield, circumnavigating Bailey Hill, then though woodland north to Rocker Head, before heading south by Agden side.

At 900ft, with a wall to our backs, wind in our hair, and wide open views of patchwork fields, woodland, streams and reservoirs below, we stopped for coffee. Despite not being forecast, it began to drizzle hard, so it was time to move on.

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At times the going slowed as paths got steep and rocky, or exposed tree roots flagged trip hazards. Even the most experienced walker can come a cropper.

At the north western tongue of Agden Reservoir we took a left turn through another stretch of woodland before encountering Mortimer Road. For some it was a relief to get onto terra-firma, if only for a quarter mile. All too soon it was back off road downhill south, then southwest along the banks of Dale Dike, before climbing out of the valley northwest passed Strines Resr dam and back onto Mortimer Road. Following the road up, up, up we finally made it to the Strines Inn (1013ft 6.3miles from start) just as the heavens opened again.

Thankfully the landlord managed to accommodate us all and still managed to remain calm.

By the time we were ready to leave the sun was out, and we retraced our steps down down down, the road then down the track to Strines Resr dam were we picked up the Sheffield Country Walk. Any thoughts of having a relaxed march back was dispelled as we climbed once more through fields and woods to 800ft, before finally making it downhill along Blindside Lane (incl a hidden detour along the banks of Dale Dike) back to Low Bradfield.

Thanks Norman for giving us a walk with plenty of variety, great views, and welcoming pub. Thanks Lee and Chris for guarding our back, but mostly thanks Doncaster Ramblers for welcoming everyone who walks with us. (10.16miles 5hr 20min)

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