Out of the saddle for show

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With a busy competition schedule this year which has only allowed two weekends off in two months, I have managed to enjoy some time competing my horse April at the Crowle Agricultural and Country Show.

I’ve been out a lot this season with my seven year old daughter and her awesome first pony, Jasmine, affectionately often referred to as Jazz.

However, every now and then I am able to squeeze an event in for my big tri-coloured mare April and a few weeks ago we slipped out to compete at Crowle’s annual show.

Having a coloured mare with lots of white on her meant I was bathing her legs, mane and tail every day for the week leading up to the show to keep her clean. Manure down the back of her legs is really a pain as it leaves a green stain which takes some scrubbing to clear.

I left giving her body a bath until two days before the show. She’s pretty good bathing and I just tie her up outside her stable and pop the hose pipe on her. We use special horse shampoo which is suited to helping remove stubborn stains. It’s not cheap either, not like my shampoo, and it doesn’t go as far.

It was incredibly hot to be standing about in cords, shirt and tie and a tweed jacket but at least it wasn’t raining.

I was very proud of April in the classes. She was very good and we managed to come second in the Over 4’s class and third in ‘Best Turned Out class’.

We had a great day as a family and there was some tough competition and some beautiful horses. It’s the highest I’ve got in-hand with April so I really was thrilled. So far this year we have enjoyed showjumping, showing and dressage. I’m looking forward to doing some more jumping next month with her if I get chance to compete.