Nurse is skydiving to raise money for St John's hospice

Brave Doncaster nurse Jo Brooks is jumping out of an aeroplane at 15,000ft to fundraise a garden makeover at the hospice she works at.

By Laura Andrew
Wednesday, 28th August 2019, 3:33 pm
Jo Brooks.
Jo Brooks.

Joanne Brooks has worked at St John's Hospice for three years and is passionate about the care of her patients.

Jo said: "The money raised will fund hospice services, the patient environment and such things as Christmas presents and the festive season, courtyard garden upgrade and to continue therapy services that are offered to all patients, families, carers.

"Every single penny counts and is very much appreciated.

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“People don’t just come here to die.

“We need to move past that image of hospices.

“The people come here and receive art therapy, massages, hair treatments.

“All things which improve the quality of their lives.”

You might be surprised at all the activities that go on in the hospice - they have dog therapy, weddings and beauty activities.

“It can be quite a happy place,” Jo said.

“We try to make wishes happen wherever possible.”

Jo’s skydive has been sponsored by company QCS Limited which means all funds she raises from the skydive will go directly to the hospice.

She will be taking the jump at Hibaldstow near Brigg on September 21.

Jo said: “A volunteer at the hospice told me that she’s just done one and that I need to just enjoy it and keep my eyes open.

“It’s on my bucket list and I thought why not do it for a good cause.”

Like many of the nurses at the hospice, Jo is always thinking about ways to raise money to help improve patients experiences whilst they visit the hospice.

“People don’t use a hospice until they need it,” she continued.

“Staff here are amazing, you have to be a certain kind of person to work here.”

There can be up to 12 patients in the day centre and 10 residents in individual rooms.

Jo said: “We’re adding quality to their lives

“A lot of people say they don’t feel well when they come in the door but they feel much better for coming in.

“Some patients choose to end their life at the hospice rather than at home as their comfortable and have that trust with us.”

Follow the run-up to the event on their Facebook page stjohnshospicedoncaster