The young Brontes

As the world’s most famous literary family and authors of some of the best-loved books in the English language, the formative years of the six Bronte children and their mature writing careers blossomed in Haworth, North Yorkshire amid the dramatic landscape of the surrounding moors.

In many ways a typical middle class family in the 19thC, their clergyman father educated his children at home placing them socially above most people around them.

With the early loss of their mother, they began to read avidly and to create their own stories of childhood lands of Angria and Gonda.

They also began to paint from an imagination fired by John Martin’s engravings and the contents of periodicals of the day such as Blackwells Magazine, depicting the exploits of Wellington, Napoleon, darkest Africa and explorers of the Arctic.

All was grist to their fantasy world which in adulthood resulted in the paintings, poems and novels rooted in the themes of the early writings of their childhood and adolescence. JH