The Way We Were by Colin Ella - Part 84: Homemade medicines

Colin Ella Part 84 - Homemade Medicines.
Colin Ella Part 84 - Homemade Medicines.

I suppose at times, even today, there will be some people still dabbling with homemade concoctions in an effort to get rid of various ailments, rather than bother a doctor.

It is easy to appreciate that not so many decades ago homemade cures were thought a necessity and many country folk actually put more faith in their old country cures than in their doctors.

Sore throats are a common complaint and some old records suggested tying a stocking around the neck before retiring for the night.

Great value was placed strapping a piece of bacon to your chest or wearing a covering made from goose grease and brown paper in the process of trying to get rid of bronchitis.

Those who were not so keen on suffering the discomfort of mucky socks or greasy paddings might have tried some of the other potions such as the liquid obtained from boiling elderflowers.

Herbs were used to treat toothache and three or four roots of dock and daisy would be boiled, first in water, and then in olive oil.
The resulting liquid was strained off and applied to the offending tooth. Infusions of comfrey leaves and also comfrey ointment were beneficial in the treatment of sprains and drinks made from boiled hops with lemon and glucose added were taken to relieve nervous tension or to cure a poor appetite.

Other processes, considered helpful for rheumatism were to carry a potato in the pocket, wearing washed wool against the soles of your feet or drinking white wine with a few cloves in it.

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