Grandma’s book keeps her baking skills alive

YUMMY: Meryl White with one of her grandmother's own recipes. Picture: Liz Mockler D9651LM
YUMMY: Meryl White with one of her grandmother's own recipes. Picture: Liz Mockler D9651LM

A woman with a flair for baking has had a book of her late grandmother’s recipes published.

Meryl White, 61, of Sprotbrough was first given the precious collection of recipes when her grandmother, Elizabeth Abson, died in 1977.

She explained: “They were written on scraps of paper and in old exercise books, and my father gave them to me when Grandma Abson died. At the time I created a small book, but, now that I’ve got more time, I decided I’d like to re-publish them with information about my grandma’s life in service in an Edwardian household at Wath-upon-Dearne, which is where she honed her baking skills.”

Meryl added: “There’s been a real revival in traditional baking skills and I think it’s something that appeals to people of all ages. It’s a tradition that I don’t want to lose. I was particularly close to my Grandma Abson as, sadly, my mother died just a couple of months after I was born. Grandma came to live with us to help bring my sister and I up. She was a 63-year-old widow when she moved in with us and became a mother figure to us. She taught me a lot about baking.”

Working with First Class Design in Doncaster, Meryl put together an illustrated collection of her grandmother’s recipes. The finished book, Grandma Abson’s Traditional Baking, has been published by York Publishing Services and is now on sale through well known online retailers, such as Amazon and WH Smiths. It’s also available at Waterstones in Doncaster, at Cusworth Hall and in local garden centres.

Meryl has also launched her own blog of the same name, which is attracting a following among baking enthusiasts around the world. She said: “I wanted to exploit social media, so I have Facebook and Twitter pages, but the blog has really taken off. I put recipes on there and I try to make them relevant to events happening locally and nationally. My Royal Wedding blog attracted a huge amount of interest.”

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