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Devon reunion.
Devon reunion.

Here’s another school photograph but with a bit of a twist.

The assembled boys and girls seen here are posing in the Sprotbrough garden of Sheila Booth in 1949.

Irene Cross (nee McCormack) sent me the image from her current home in Devon and would like to invite any of the lads and lasses shown here to a school reunion she intends organising in Doncaster on Thursday 29th March at a local venue.

Irene can recall most of the names of these pupils from Sprotbrough’s Richmond Hill School which include Sandra Appleyard, Barbara Lumb, Carol Graves, Sheila Middleton, Barbara Tyas and Gillian Dyke.

All girls you will note but there is a splendid indication of the switch from short trousers to long trousers by the two chaps at each end of the line. Irene can be contacted on 01271-346155 for more details.