My View, Dominic Somers: Every town needs a group like Mexcraft

Mexborough Arts' supporter, Dominic Somers, with Paddington Bear.
Mexborough Arts' supporter, Dominic Somers, with Paddington Bear.

Walking into the resource centre in Mexborough on a Tuesday morning is like stepping back in time.

Smiles and welcomes are abundant and a community is knitting, crocheting, sewing and sharing stories over a steaming hot cuppa – and it is all in the name of art!

The Mexcraft group, who meet every Tuesday for a drop in session between 10am and 2pm, have attracted people of all ages and from all walks of live.

It’s about creating a place where people from the same community can come together and share. They share skills, stories and for some people it is the only time they come out of the house.

There are people who come every week, others who pop in when they can around work, some people bring their grandchildren or children with them.

It’s fantastic that we’ve got a group like this in Mexborough. It really makes a difference to people’s lives and it is great to see people learning new skills or brushing up on long forgotten ones to make something either for the community or for themselves.

There are lots of groups like this in local communities – have a look around and see if there is one near you that you can join in with.

Arts Council-funded Right Up Our Street have worked with the Mexcraft group to bring in guest speakers and artists who have shown them different skills from Yarnstorming to dressmaking.

Every town needs a group like Mexcraft. It has been great to work with them and get more people involved in being creative.

Quite simply the group have fun, they make and create, and chat – a lot – but the overarching purpose of the group is to bring people together and it does that fantastically.

It’s a happy group for people to come to and have a cuppa, it is a really happy environment. We get people who might often be on their own as their children have left home and they are looking to fill a hole in their lives. Together we make it work.

Ladies and gentlemen come along to the group and it is great to see some of the gents knitting away as they chat to people.

We hope that the group makes a difference to people and our message is everyone is welcome and the kettle is always on.

The group have created a calendar to raise funds to support the group and these can be bought for £3.50 from MexCraft every Tuesday 10am-2pm at Mexborough library or The 30 Mexborough shop.

The group meets every Tuesday from 10am-2pm and £3 pays for a hot lunch.

People are welcome to drop in at any time during the session.