Melt in your mouth dry-aged steak from Doncaster steak restaurant La Boca

La Boca is situated on the corner of Netherhall Road with brightly coloured flowers lining the outside walls.

Thursday, 22nd August 2019, 11:04 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd August 2019, 2:03 pm
Fillet steak with blue cheese sauce and rustic chips.
Fillet steak with blue cheese sauce and rustic chips.

The Argentinian steak house opened in May 2019 and has been thriving ever since.

I had high expectations of La Boca as I had previously visited the restaurant for its opening night.

At which I didn’t eat a full meal but sampled tapas style dishes such as empanadas and steak slices.

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Churros dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

My guest and I were greeted by Martina, an incredibly friendly waitress who was attentive and helpful all evening.

We were sat by a window which looked out onto Netherhall Road - the decor of the restaurant is bright and fun and takes you completely out of Doncaster.

I started with Queso Horneado (£7.95) , a lovely pot of rosemary infused brie with caramalised onion and homemade bread.

I found the dish a little too sweet for my taste but the rosemary flavour was superb and the dense bread was the perfect vessel to soak up the cheesey goodness.

Brie with homemade bread.

My guest chose the Calamares Fritos (£6.95) which were deep fried squid rings with a side of anchovy aioli.

She loved the starter and commented that it’s very hard to get calamari right as it can easily become 'rubbery'.

A fun feature of La Boca is that they bring you sorbet in between dishes to cleanse your palate - this is not something I have experienced in a Doncaster-based restaurant before, it was a lovely touch.

We both chose steak for our mains as it’s the theme of the restaurant and we couldn’t resist after seeing other customers plates pass our table.

Pink apple cocktail.

We tried to order our steaks medium out of habit but our waitress Martina persuaded us to go medium rare to get the best experience from the meat.

And she was completely correct the fillet steaks we ordered completely blew us away.

They were tender, flavourful and completely free of fat.

The fillet steaks (£21.95) are brushed with rosemary and garlic infused butter and are 30 day dry aged.

After Eight dinner shot.

Mason the chef at La Boca really did a wonderful job with our steaks.

The steak was the star of the show on the plate but it also came with rustic fries, chimichurri and fresh diced tomatoes.

You can also order an additional sauce for your steak which I would recommend to pour over the meat but to also dip your chips into.

I went for the Perejil Y Queso Azul, a gentle blue cheese sauce and my guest had the Salsa Diane, a creamy mushroom and brandy based sauce (both £1.95).

With my main course I also had a Pink Apple cocktail (£7.95) a sweet gin based drink with fresh raspberries and elderflower liqueur.

We were completely full after our main course but we could not resist the desserts on offer.


I went for the Churros Con Dulce De Leche (£6.95) freshly fried donuts dusted with cinnamon and sugar with a side of dark chocolate and strawberries.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that my jaw dropped when these were placed in front of me - the plating was wonderful.

The millennial in me immediately whipped my phone out to take photos of the dessert for Instagram - I could not resist.

They tasted devine - crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Due to Martina’s recommendation I also ordered an after dinner shot which I wouldn’t normally consider but I was glad that she mentioned it.

The After Eight shot (£3.50) is made from Crème de Menthe, Irish cream & coffee liqueurs.

My guest had the Pastel De Queso (£4.95) homemade fresh cheesecake served with mixed berry fruit coulis.

She enjoyed the tang on the coulis in contrast to the sweet creamy cheesecake.

Afterwards, she ordered a coffee (£1.95) to round off the meal - Martina was very accommodating when she requested decaf.

Overall we were thrilled with our meal at La Boca - it greatly exceeded our expectations and I will certainly be returning in the future.