LOLLI-PUPS: Hot dogs keep cool with idea that really sucks

Two-year-old Olive enjoys a frozen treat
Two-year-old Olive enjoys a frozen treat

You can't lick a local animal sanctuary's hot tip to chill in the sweltering sun ... but dogs can.

Rescue animals are keeping cool on the hottest day of the year thanks to special frozen treats.

Keith Holland, general manager of the site serving South Yorkshire, North Notts and Derbyshire, explained: “It’s vitally important we find ways for the dogs to keep cool in these sweltering temperatures.

"So, considering they can’t have ice cream or head to the coast, we gave them the next best thing! “We filled their toys with frozen dog food to give them a cool treat in the summer heat. They went barking mad for it!

“Of course, we provide ample shelter and a constant supply of water too, but it was nice to give them something special. The dogs also enjoyed a splash in paddling pools, donated by our generous supporters from an appeal earlier in the year".

“We currently have 30 dogs here in residence. The frozen meat ice-creams kept them occupied for quite a while in the summer heat. A big thank you to all our supporters who helped bring a bit of the seaside for our dogs.”

Donations of cat and kitten food in jelly pouches, Burgess Excel Pellets for rabbits, ferret and wild bird feed, horse and pig feed, sawdust, hay, cat littler and cleaning equipment are always welcome at North Anston’s Thornberry Animal Sanctuary, as are towels, fleece blankets, carrier bags, jumble and bric-a-brac.

The charity has since 1988 been caring for abandoned and neglected dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and other small animals with 350 animals alone re-homed last year.