Have Savsé to feel healthy inside and out

Savse Super Blue breakfast staple
Savse Super Blue breakfast staple

What's smoother than a Sade single and juicier thank office gossip?

Savsé, that's what! Smoothies and juices, with no nutrients lost and nothing including water added, proving latest high street healthy success story.

Stocked by likes of Tescos, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Boots, Wholefoods and even Harrods, the beverage with a difference promises to "boost your health, tantalise your taste buds and shake up your well-being".

The mouth-watering selection of product (pronounced Sav-Say) is based on authentic family recipes (illustrated here by accompanying video)created in the '80s by Nina, mother of founder Guka Tavberidze, to help cure iron deficiency during pregnancy.

Ideal fix for those looking for something deliciously healthy and naturally tasty, each low-calorie bottle offers two of your five-a-day.

Meaning ‘crammed’ in Georgian – where the family originates from - the drinks are filled to the brim with 100% natural fruits and antioxidant-rich vegetables with no added sugars or colourings.

Savse drinks range making waves

Savse drinks range making waves

Award winning flavours include Super Green, Super Purple, Super Red, Super Blue, Super Orange and Protein Punch, together packed with all manner of ingredients from apple to vanilla by way of broccoli, beetroot and banana to celery, carrot and coconut.

Also available are juices Grove Orange and Jonagold Apple, which "taste exactly like biting into the freshly picked fruit," while new to the range are pick-me-ups Protein Blast and Protein Smash.

Cold Pressing and High Pressure Processing are among secrets of success of Savsé, which has well and truly shaken and stirred UK drinks market, proving smoother than 007 himself.