Hard-up Brits stay home

The stunning scenery of the Lake District.
The stunning scenery of the Lake District.

A THIRD of Britons will not book their main summer holiday until June at the earliest, according to a new survey.

Data from Travelodge has revealed that 41% of Brits are still feeling the pinch this year but a quarter were willing to sell items on eBay to ensure they go on holiday.

In addition, a fifth of adults were making cutbacks at home such as spending less on consumer goods or eating out less to pay for travel.

“It has been a tough year for many British adults with rising household costs and Government cutbacks but our research shows that cash strapped Britons are clinging onto their annual holiday; in order to add some cheer into their lives,” said a Travelodge spokesman.

Meanwhile, its study has found that the British tourism industry will be boosted by £7.2 billion with 35% of Brits holidaying across the country.

In addition, Pitchup.com has seen its traffic double to one million unique page views in the first four months of 2011.

These statistics suggest that the staycation trend will continue to be popular in 2011, with Cornwall and the Lake District continuing to be the top domestic travel destinations.

“A growing thirst for the outdoors, investment in ‘alternative camping’ options, and Met Office predictions of a hot summer are all contributing to higher camping and caravan bookings this season, against a background of increasing reluctance to travel abroad, higher exchange rates and persistent economic uncertainty,” said Daniel Yates, managing director of Pitchup.com.

The average foreign holiday costs £1,427.58 and American Express Travellers Cheques said that 38 per cent of people are refusing to forego their summer holiday this year and the top sacrifices are spending on clothes, eating out and drinking less at the pub.

A fifth of people opting for a staycation say they are doing so because they enjoyed a holiday in the UK last year while a third said it would cut out the hassle of going to the airport.

Cars are the most popular mode of transport with three quarters driving while 13 per cent will take the train and three per cent will fly.