Grab a pizza the action at Red Tomato

FAMILY: Pictrued (L-R) are Darius Hayati, Parviz Hayati, and Comron Hayati of Red Tomato. Picture: Liz Mockler D7648LM
FAMILY: Pictrued (L-R) are Darius Hayati, Parviz Hayati, and Comron Hayati of Red Tomato. Picture: Liz Mockler D7648LM

SOMETIMES you just can’t be bothered to go out for a meal or indeed rustle up your own at home.

The only answer is to rifle through the stack of leaflets at the side of the phone and get yourself a takeaway.

And the one leaflet that takes pride of place by my phone is the very wonderful Red Tomato, which, without beating about the bush, serves up the best pizzas in Doncaster.

From its humble beginnings out in Balby as Pizza Island, the firm may have a new name but its pizzas are just the same as they’ve always been - the creme de la creme, the top of the toppings, the pizza de resistance, if you will.

The shop, nestled just behind The Cumberland on Thorne Road, was winner of the UK’s Pizza Chef of the Year 2010-11 - and that’s just the latest in a bucketful of awards picked up Darius Hayati, Parviz Hayati, and Comron Hayati down the years.

There’s no secrets here - just top notch, quality pizza - but given the occasional twist to create weird and wonderful delights.

More used to having crispy duck as a starter at your local Chinese? Why not have it served up on a pizza courtesy of Red Tomato? It might sound unusual, but it works and is the newest addition to the menu.

Pizzas come in three sizes - small, large and 14x14, there’s thin bases, deep pan and stuffed crust varieties, gluten free pizzas (the first in Doncaster) and all manner of sides to tuck into such as cajun coleslaw, potato skins, garlic mushrooms and salads.

And that’s not to mention the pasta dishes on offer too including lasagne, tagliatelle and spaghetti bolognese.

But back to the pizzas and the bewildering array of toppings to choose from. Like things a bit sweeter? Try Sweet Carolina - chicken marinated in Tennessee JD sauce with red onions and pepper. Fancy spicing things up? Go for the deliciously tasty Spicy Chicken which offers a real kick with its mix of green chillies, roasted potatoes and of course, succulent pieces of tasty chicken.

The Godfather delivers a mouthwatering treat of pepperoni, smoked bacon, peppers and red onions and then there’s the Big Breakfast which serves up smoked bacon, potatoes, mushrooms and tomatoes - the only thing that’s lacking is a fried egg and black pudding and you wouldn’t rule out the Red Tomato team coming out with that at some stage in the future!

Forget the New Year resolution - pick up the phone now and treat yourself. You’ll be glad you did - and it won’t be long before you have Red Tomato’s number on speed dial!

* Darren Burke


Red Tomato

Greenhouse Court, Thorne Road

Home delivery:

Tel. (01302) 323334

Order online at The Red Tomato

Open seven days a week 5pm - 11.30pm