Go big on prepping hair

A woman doing her hair.
A woman doing her hair.

At this time of year there is lots of talk about dieting and slimming, but there’s one area that many women are in constant pursuit of fattening up - the top of our heads.

It’s estimated that around 10.9 million women in the UK have fine hair - that’s 40 per cent of the female population, according to Kantar World Panel consumer research.

While the ageing process can result in thinning tresses due to hormonal changes, a dramatic difference in hair texture can strike at any age, with triggers including poor diet, extreme stress, or childbirth.

“Big or ‘fat’ hair is the picture of health and can make even the most ordinary of outfits look fabulous,” says Katie Hamburger, creative stylist at Regis Salons.

Go big on the prep and fling back a fuller mane for spring.

Body building

It’s impossible to create more hair, but you can lather up with products that create thicker, healthier locks.

Choose a thickening shampoo and give your scalp a DIY massage for a couple of minutes. Massaging the scalp can stimulate blood flow, which can strengthen hair roots.

Hamburger adds sor an extra volumising boost, leave-in treatment specifically for thinning hair: “Nioxin’s Diaboost .