Four nations . . but not all following the same rules

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DON’T you think it’s strange in a land obsessed with equality laws that they don’t apply to the people of England?

The other three countries in the union have devolved administrations looking after their interests and the out dated Barnett formula ensures that they receive more per head than the people of England

Why can’t we have the same?

The NHS reforms, university fees, prescription charges and cuts in local government spending, leading to reduced essential services, only apply to England - the list of inequalities goes on.

In the coming months, the newly-fledged Doncaster branch of The Campaign for an English Parliament will be working hard to bring the shocking facts of this unfairness to the people of Doncaster.

We are not looking for favours, just equality and fairness.

Whatever your political persuasion these policies are hitting you in your pocket.

We need the voice of England to be heard, contact your MP, they are there to represent you, and insist they champion a voice for you and bring back democracy to the system.

They may tell you that 85% of Westminster is made up of English MPs already, what they fail to tell you is how much legislation is carried through by non-English MPs.

Speak up before it is too late.