Exciting pictures reveal newly opened ride at Gulliver's Valley

Pictures of the latest ride to open at the Gulliver’s Valley theme park have been released, challenging daredevils to go to the resort to give it a try.

By Lloyd Bent
Saturday, 22nd August 2020, 4:05 pm

The Gyrosaur is in the Lost Jurassic World section of the park, and opened for the first time today (August 22).

The ‘360 flying degree’ ride is exclusive to the Rotherham resort, and sees those brave enough to try it strapped into seats at the end of a large pole, which spins round on its axis, with the seats spinning full circle as well.

Like the rest of the rides on the Lost Jurassic World zone of the resort, it is decorated to look like a dinosaur, with a large reptilian head at one end of the spinning pole.

People ride the Gyrosaur at Gulliver's Valley (Photo: Gulliver's Valley)

A social media post from the park issued the challenge: “Will you be brave enough to experience this beastly 360 degree ride?”

The £37m Gulliver’s Valley opened this year on July 11. Construction on the site began in 2018.

It is set in 250 acres of countryside a stone’s throw from the popular Rother Valley Country Park, just over the border from Sheffield, and boasts 50 attractions set in different ‘worlds’ that make up the areas of the resort.

There are 26 rides in total, suitable for a mixture of ages between two and 13.

People ride the Gyrosaur at Gulliver's Valley (Photo: Gulliver's Valley)

Gulliver’s Valley was fully booked on its opening weekend and has been busy ever since, with social distancing measures at the park ensuring people can visit safely.

The dinosaur head that decorates the Gyrosaur (Photo: Gulliver's Valley)