Fab Five

Joe Brown in action.
Joe Brown in action.

1. Joe Brown in concert

Our premier rock legend returns after yet another remarkable year. In 2008 Joe’s 50th Anniversary Concert sold out The Royal Albert Hall and he was back in the UK Top 20 with a Gold Album selling over 120,000 copies. In 2009 he received the coveted MOJO magazine’s Outstanding Contribution to Music Award and an MBE.

In 2010 he toured Arenas with Status Quo and he still plays to sold out houses everywhere. His current show is a musical journey you should not miss.

WHERE: Civic Theatre

WHEN: Thursday, 20, 7.30pm


CONTACT: Tel. 342349

WEB/EMAIL: www.joebrown.co.uk


The Village Players’ next production is set in the heart of that most romantic of places, Paris.

“We’ll Always Have Paris”, a comedy by Jill Hyem, where issues of romance, friendship and anger are faced by people of a ‘certain age.’ It deals with the changing fortunes of three English women; Anna, recently widowed and free after years of nursing a sick and difficult husband; Raquel, a divorcee in search of youth (and a new toy boy); and Nancy, a retired headmistress determined to throw off the shackles. This is a funny and light-hearted play, with some serious moments, and perhaps a serious message, amongst the joie de vivre. The play is more suitable for those aged 12 and over.

WHERE: Everton Village Hall

WHEN: Wednesday October 26

HOW MUCH: £18 concesiion £17

CONTACT: 01777 817275

WEB/EMAIL: www.evplayers.org.uk


Come along to Sandall Beat Environment Centre and take part in making Halloween crafts from recycled materials. Centred in the middle of largely deciduous, urban fringe woodland of 664 hectares (157 acres) at the heart of Doncaster borough. The woodland is a Local Nature Reserve and a site of Special Scientific Interest. It is the largest area of public greenspace available locally and one of the most significant in the borough. Please call the Woodland & Countryside team to book.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 25, 1-3pm

WHERE: Sandall Beat Community Environment Centre, Sandall Beat Wood


CONTACT: Tel. 300798


Tuesday 25 October, 1 – 3pm


Remember your school days? The dreaded detentions, soggy semolina, snogging behind the bike sheds and breaktime bust-ups? Prepare to be catapulted back to the classroom and take a raw and riotous look at life in a typical British school, in this classic comedy from BAFTA winner John Godber.

Meet the staff: the trendy young drama teacher making his shaky debut, the deputy head who rules the school with an iron rod, the gentle humanities teacher who is desperate for a quiet life, Doug, the grumpy old caretaker, and the headmistress, a boisterous battleaxe and sometime amateur dramatics star. And prepare yourselves for the pupils: a wayward mob of disruptive delinquents determined to wreak havoc, hormones and horror throughout the school. Nostalgia, mischief and mayhem reign supreme in this classic classroom drama. A light-hearted comedy harking back to comprehensive school days in the 1980s

WHERE: Little Theatre

WHEN: Monday, October 20-22, 7.30pm

HOW MUCH: £10, concession £7

CONTACT: 01302 340422

WEB/EMAIL: www.doncasterlittletheatre.co.uk

5. Jethro - 2011 Tour

Originally a ‘timber man’ from Lavant Tin Mine, Jethro will be performing armed with nothing more than a microphone, a small table and his favourite drink. As he paces the stage from side to side, you’ll hear hilarious antics of rural comedy delivered in a warm, Cornish accent.

Selling over 4 million stand-up comedy DVDs to date, isn’t it about time you came and experienced some serious nonsensical twaddle!

WHERE: Civic Theatre

WHEN: Saturday, October 22, 7.30pm

HOW MUCH: £18.50

CONTACT: 01302 342349

WEB/EMAIL: www.jethro.co.uk