Epworth whist results

ANN Ogman won the whist session held at Epworth’s Imperial Hall on December 15.

Her score of 172 was enough to defeat Joyce Spavin and Fay Romanation who both tied for second place with 165. Margaret Hardy got the lowest score of 140.

The Red Cross whist session was held on December 16 with Una Law triumphing in the ladies section with 172.

Kate Hendry was second with 161, Annie Gravell third with 156 and Sarah had the lowest score.

In the gents category Brian Kerr won with 169, Romanation was second with 165 and Mary Addlesee third with 162. Dorothy Fotheringham had the lowest score of 152.

And Jim Ogman won on December 29 with 167, ahead of Ann Ogman’s 157 and Mary Addlesee’s 155. Mick Appelquist had the low of 145.