The Doncaster borough during WWII remembered on the eve of Thorne 1940s Weekend

As plans pick up pace for the annual Thorne 1940s Weekend we take a look back at events from the past and include images of the 1940s past of Doncaster.

By Nigel Booth
Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 5:40 pm
Updated Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 5:49 pm
Members of the Pontefract Home Guard pictured in 2017 and who will be at the Thorne 1940s weekend
Members of the Pontefract Home Guard pictured in 2017 and who will be at the Thorne 1940s weekend

On the weekend of May 11 and 12 there will be lots of vintage acts and nostalgic events taking place in Thorne.

This year there will be no 1940s parade as organisers say unfortunately the police have no cover for this part of the day.

The 1940s weekend in Thorne in 2015

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In this edition we take a look back at past events and also include pictures of the borough in the 1940s.

This year the 1940s weekend includes another great act appearing at the info centre in Thorne on Sunday May 12 in the form of the lovely vintage trio from stars in your eyes.

In addition there are vintage vehicles, stalls, classic cars and much more including Marina Mae, Madeline Brown, Cherie Lawrence, Yvonne Slater and Lottie Simone.

There are also Rum and Cola Girls, Don Gentile, Battlepipes, Paul Harper, Jayne Darling, Joe James Thomas, various re-enactments, The Yanks, Pontefract Home Guard and ACA re-enactment group live action display.

Hangar which dates back to the Second World War at Doncaster's Robin Hood Airport

There will also be military vehicles and even a vintage bus in addition to support for a great charity called Changing Lives.

Chairman of The Best Of Thorne that organises the 1940s weekend, Linda Kinloch, said: “This is all about Thorne being able to come together as a community and allow other people from afar to be involved too.”

She added that the event allowed people to make new friends and said: “We are aiming at being able to bring trade into the area and tourists. We have many things happening within the area including lots of stalls and attractions.”

To be included in the retro section send Jpeg images and information to [email protected] email addresss.

Doncaster in the 1940s. - (Photo: Kinolibrary)
Doncaster Schools Music Festival in the Corn Exchange, sometime in the 1940s.