Developer sets its sites on faster house hunting

House builder Miller Homes has launched a new website.
House builder Miller Homes has launched a new website.

House builder, Miller Homes, has been busy building more than just new homes recently – this week unveiling an all new website.

Miller Homes which provides greater online functionality enabling house hunters to get to the right property faster than ever before.

The website has taken ten months to build from scratch, following extensive company research into online trends in the residential property market.

According to a 2011 report by comScore – global digital business analysers – the number of people in the UK searching for a new home online is rising 10% year on year, despite a slowdown in the number of property transactions as a whole.

As part of this, Miller Homes says they have also seen an increased demand for online functionality from house hunters who are now using the internet to do everything from downloading films to watching live TV; chatting to friends on the other side of the world to carrying out their weekly shop.

There has also been a marked rise in the number of overseas visits, registrations and converted off-plan sales through the website, further proving the invaluable service it offers to customers.

Consequently, Miller Homes has introduced new systems improving the speed at which house hunters can find the right property - and they have integrated the website with their onsite development diaries, enabling people to arrange a one to one appointment and viewing with a member of the sales team at the touch of a button.

House hunters will also be able to save their favourite developments to an area called ‘my place’ – a tool that will help potential customers save valuable search time.

The new site also carries more photography of properties, giving visitors greater opportunity to explore the developer’s portfolio of new homes than was previously possible.

In addition, Miller Homes has recognised the growth in new home internet searches from smart phones and iPads. In 2009, less than 0.7 of visits to websites were from mobile devices; by August 2011 this figure had soared to 7.1% (a 1000% increase in just two years.)

As a result, the developer will also be launching a mobile version of the new site which features just the key search functions. This is scheduled to go live over the weeks following the website launch.

Chris Endsor, Chief Executive of Miller Homes, said; “Today’s house hunters are pushed for time and want to be able to house hunt where they want, when they want and how they want.

“We recognise that – and our online development strategy has been all about delivering a service to suit potential buyers. We wanted to help people find the right house for them - faster than ever before, and we wanted them to be able to do everything online, from identifying a home right through to making an appointment to view it and tracking its progress. I think we’ve achieved all that – and more.

“In short, we pride ourselves on being a caring, customer focussed, quality house builder that pioneers in the industry. Our new website reflects that ethos and we are confident that house hunters will like it as much as we do.”

Househunters can check out the new site at Miller Homes