Cricket lovers vow to bat on

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A TRICKLE of support has given Wombwell Cricket Lovers’ Society the will to bat on for the future.

The Society was left in dire straits after a £14,000 balance could not be traced following the death of former treasurer David Musgrave.

And earlier this year an extraordinary general meeting took place, at which an appeal to members was launched, for support to keep the club going.

The Society that spawned such greats as Arnie Sidebottom, Martyn Moxon and Darren Gough, is in its 60th year, and has an ongoing Diamond Anniversary Appeal in a bid to boost its empty coffers.

Today, October 6, sees the Society’s programme of speakers open with the visit of cricket author David Frith and a full winter of activity will culminate with guest speaker Michael Parkinson at the Christmas Lunch.

The Society held its AGM this week, when members heard the appeal flyer has generated over £1,200 in donations and members have also given contributions of £25 towards sponsorship of the Oaks WMC room hire costs.

It was agreed that the treasurer would write to all members who provided long-term loan funding at the club’s most crucial time, to ask them to confirm the amount they require repaying by WCLS - or if the balance can be collected as a gift to help the Society’s cashflow position.