Craft beer revolution in Yorkshire and the Humber takes hold

Glasses in Yorkshire and the Humber are overflowing with artisan brews as the craft beer revolution in the region goes from strength to strength.

Thursday, 21st March 2019, 2:43 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st March 2019, 2:48 pm
Craft beer revolution in Yorkshire and the Humber

Craft beer sales have risen sharply over the past few years, reinvigorating the pub industry and bolstering the hospitality sector.

Statistics show that craft beer sales have grown the fastest of any beer category, increasing by 48 percent within the past 12 months. With St Patrick’s Day, a day as closely linked to a beer as the country of its patronage, independent brewpub group Brewhouse & Kitchen have commissioned research to find out just how much the nation’s attitudes towards beer have changed.

This nationally representative research is taken from a sample of more than 2,000 UK adults.

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Research shows that 32 percent of Yorkshire and Humberside’s favourite alcoholic beverage is beer, 16 percent of Yorkshire and Humberside’s beer lovers said that craft beer was better than mainstream beers, 26 percent of Yorkshire folk and Humbersiders drink more alternative styles of beer now than they did a decade ago and 27 percent of Yorkshire folk and Humbersiders find alternative styles of beer, rather than standard lagers more exciting.

In addition, 28 percent of those in Yorkshire and Humberside would rather drink an alternative style of beer than a lager, 19 percent in Yorkshire and Humberside believe that as a style of beer, lager is a dated, boring option, 23 percent of women are trying more alternative styles of beer than they would have 10 years ago and millennials are nearly three times more likely to be adventurous with their beer choices than previous generations.

Yorkshire and Humberside is leading the way for the craft beer movement; 26 percent of Yorkshire folk and Humbersiders stating that they experiment more with their beer styles than they would have ten years ago.

In fact, 16 percent of Yorkshire people and Humbersiders would rather drink craft beer than the mainstream beers that have dominated for years. That being said, craft beer has increased in popularity consistently across the nation, especially among millennials, who have found the market to be more exciting than their previous generations. Millennials are almost three times more likely to be adventurous with the beer they drink than those aged 55 and over.

Head of Marketing at Brewhouse and Kitchen, Matt Preisinger, said: “The craft beer market is fast becoming an important force driving growth in the hospitality sector, bringing with it a new wave of pubs and bars. Despite this growth, it has always been difficult for brewers to rival the multi-national companies that have become staples in our homes, restaurants, pubs and supermarkets. Beer brewing styles have been fairly static until the craft beer revolution but now, with millions agreeing that they sample and enjoy many more styles regularly, a space has opened for more adventurous styles to succeed. This research is a welcome boost to the market and proves that craft beer and brewing is ready to compete on an international level.”

Brewhouse & Kitchen was founded in 2011 by pub industry veterans Simon Bunn and Kris Gumbrell, the fast-growing SME has 21 sites across the country, 8 of which have opened in the past two years, with over 400 employees and an award-winning beer portfolio that exceeds 70 beers per pub. With the pub industry facing challenging times, Simon and Kris saw an opportunity to acquire high-quality buildings to convert into Brewhouse and Kitchen pubs – influenced by the growing trend of craft beer and specialty food.