Cinderella set for a ball

The story of Cinderella is one of the best known fairytales, and Vienna Festival Ballet’s full length version has all the familiar ingredients. A downtrodden young girl, a glass slipper, two comical ugly step-sisters and a handsome prince combine to make the perfect piece of story-telling.

Cinderella was a lovely young girl who lived with her father and two selfish stepsisters. Whilst Cinderella wore only rags and did all the hard work in the house, her sisters wore pretty clothes and went to lots of parties. One day a Fairy Godmother appeared and waved her magic wand granting Cinderella her wish to go to a grand ball held at the palace by the King. The Fairy Godmother tells Cinderella that the magic runs out at the stroke of midnight.

Whilst at the ball she meets the prince, the King’s only son and dances with him all night forgetting the time as the clock strikes midnight. In her haste to get away she loses her glass slipper. The Prince sets out to find the girl who had stolen his heart, proclaiming “The girl whose foot fits the slipper shall be my wife”. After a long search he finds Cinderella and they live happily ever after.

A specially commissioned orchestral score, created solely for Vienna Festival Ballet by Chris Nicholls, with music from some of Rossini’s most famous operas, La Cenerentola, the Italian Girl in Algiers, Silken Ladder adds to the magical fantasy world of the ballet Cinderella.

The show comes to York’s Grand Opera House on April 5 at 7.30pm.

Tickets are priced from £12.50 - £22.50 and are available from box office on 0844 847 2322 or online at