All the streets and villages Santa will visit on his Doncaster 2021 sleigh tour

It is one of the most eagerly awaited Christmas traditions in Doncaster – and all of the streets and villages Santa will be visiting on his 2021 sleigh tour of Doncaster have now been revealed.

Friday, 12th November 2021, 9:04 am

The festive tours are organised by local Lions clubs – and all three have now finalised their routes for this year.

The annual event, which sees Father Christmas tour the streets of Doncaster ahead of December 25, was cancelled last year due to coronavirus restrictions, leaving thousands of youngsters across the town disappointed.

But it’s back and here’s what’s happening and when

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All the dates for Santas' sleigh tour of Doncaster are now in.


Most evenings are from around 7pm

Saturday 27th November 2021 - Sprotborough Lights Switch on from 530pm.

Wednesday 1st December 2021 - Woodlands Avenues

Thursday 2nd December 2021 - Jossey Lane & Scotchman

Friday 3rd December 2021 - Adwick Le Street

Sunday 5th December 2021 - Norton

Monday 6th December 2021 - Campsall

Tuesday 7th December 2021 - Sprotborough - Challenger

Wednesday 8th December 2021 - Sprotborough - Richmond

Thursday 9th December 2021 - Skellow

Friday 10th December 2021 - Bentley

Sunday 12th December 2021 - Askern

Monday 13th December 2021 - Sunnyfields

Tuesday 14th December 2021 - Amersall Road & Areas

Wednesday 15th December 2021 - Arksey

Thursday 16th December 2021 - Cusworth

Friday 17th December 2021 – Scawthorpe

Saturday 18th December 2021 Mallard Pub Christmas Party

Sunday 19th December 2021 - Scawsby

Monday 20th December 2021 - Sprotborough - Old Village

Tuesday 21st December 2021 - Sprotborough - Parks

A spokesman said: “We do have some dates in reserve in the event of any adverse weather and we may be able to consider any areas that are not mentioned above that are within our area.”


Friday 26th November The Housemartin Wheatley Hall Road 4.30pm to 7.30pm

Monday 29th November Hexthorpe & Intake

Start point Plant works ABC 5.00pm

5.10pm Junction of Shirley Road & Beaconsfield Road

5.27pm Gladstone Road

5.35pm Sailsbury Road

5.42pm Nicolson Road

5.50pm Windle Road

6.00pm Junction of Glenfield Ave & Hawfield Close

6.15pm Junction of Ramsden Road & Bentley AveIntake

6.45pm corner of Evelyn Ave and Fairfax Rd

6.30pm the bend on Fairfax Road

6.35pm Wolsey Ave near No 55

6.40pm Wolsey Ave near No 99

6.50pm Dudley Rd by the green

7.00pm Runnymede Rd by No 23

7.10pm Essex Ave by No 95

7.20pm Essex Ave by No 65

7.30pm Essex Ave by No 25Wednesday 1st December Lakeside & Hyde Park4.45pm to 5.15pm Buttermere Crescent ParkHyde Park5.25pm Clumber Road by No 305.30pm Corner of Sandy Lane & Rufford Road5.35pm Corner of Rufford Road & Chequer Ave5.45pm Chequer Ave by P&K Stores5.50pm Corner of Chequer Ave & Hamilton Road6.05pm Corner of Hamilton Road & Lime Tree Ave6.10pm Corner of Lime Tree Ave & Theobald Ave6.15pm Corner of Chequer Ave & Stockil Road6.20pm Corner of Wainwright Road & Stockil Road6.35pm Childers Street by No 256.40pm Childers Street by No 756.45pm Palmer Street by No 256.50pm Palmer Street by No 756.55pm Cooper Street by No 177.00pm Cooper Street by No 657.10pm North Street by the centre squareFriday 3rd December Wheatley5.00pm Exeter Road by No 865.10pm Exeter Road by No 585.17pm Exeter Road by No 325.23pm Exeter Road by No 85.30pm Winchester Ave at the corner with Bristol Grove5.37pm Gloucester Road by Monmouth Road5.45pm Gloucester Road by Selby Road5.50pm Canterbury Road by No 335.55pm Canterbury Road by No 516.05pm Chelmsford Drive on the corner by No 386.13pm Chelmsford Drive on the corner by Beverly Road6.20pm Beverly Road by No 326.30pm Parkway North by St Pauls Church6.40pm Norwich Road by No 56.45pm Norwich Road by No 296.50pm Norwich Road by No 716.55pm Hereford Road by No 97.00pm Hereford Road by No 397.05pm Hereford Road by No 677.10pm Guilford Road by No 407.15pm Guilford Road by No 12Monday 6th December West Bessacarr5.00pm Bus stop on Stoops lane/Broughton Road5.05pm Lindsay Close T junction5.10pm Roxby Close T junction5.20pm Lanham Close by No 525.25pm Lanham Close by No 325.30pm Lanham Close by No 65.35pm Lindrick Close on the corner by No 785.40pm Grass area between Lindrick Close/Howden Close by No 1235.45pm Howden Close by No 285.50pm Howden Close/Lindrick Close by No 585.55pm Lindrick Close by No 176.00pm Grass area between Lindrick Close/Howden Close by No 296.05pm Howden Close by No 66.10pm Welton Close/Sturton Close junction6.20pm Whitton Close by No 46.25pm Hallam Close by No 96.35pm Clayworth Drive/Scaftworth Drive junction6.40pm Stoops Lane/Hindburn Close junction6.45pm Stoops Lane/Hennings Close junction6.50pm Cornflower Drive by No 176.55pm Cornflower Drive Honeysuckle Close roundabout7.00pm High Alder Road by No 147.10pm Thealby Gardens by No 1177.15pm Thealby Gardens on the corner by No 897.25pm Saundby Close corner by No 387.35pm Corner of Alston Road/Longfield DriveWednesday 8th December Doncaster College Christmas Fair and Market 4pm to 8pmSaturday 11th December ASDA Balby Springwell Lane 10.00am to 2.00pmMonday 13th December Cantley5.00pm Bechers Brook5.10pm Aldsworth Road/Forest Grange junction5.15pm Aldsworth Road/Lewyns Drive junction5.20pm Aldsworth Road/Rawson Close junction5.25pm Levet Road by No 865.30pm Levet Road By No 525.35pm Levet Road By No 185.40pm Everingham Road/Elmham Road5.45pm Elmham Road by No 165.50 Elmham Road by Clarell Gardens5.55pm Bardolf Road by No 806.00pm Bardolf Road by No 406.00pm Bardolf Road/Anston Road junction6.05pm Everingham Road Shops6.15pm Pine Road square6.20pm Almond Road by No 66.25 Almond Road by No 166.30pm Lilac Road/Birch Road junction6.35pm Sycamore Grove square6.45pm Church Lane by No 1176.50pm Church Lane/Goodison Boulevard7.00pm Anfield Road by No 87.05pm Anfield Road/Blundell Close junction7.10pm Hillsborough Play Area7.20pm Villa Park/Highbury Avenue junction7.25pm Highbury Avenue/Millmoor Road junction7.30pm St Wilfrids Road/Somerton Drive junctionTuesday 14th December Armthorpe route 15.00pm Fiddlers Drive by No 625.10pm Fair Holme View by No 495.15pm Fair Holme View by No 875.25pm Alder Holt/Granby Court junction5.35pm Mulberry Way by No 195.45pm Brampton Lane by No 725.50pm Brampton Lane by No 265.55pm Brampton Lane/Pasture Close junction6.00pm Pasture Close/Bellrope Acre Junction6.05pm Tranmore Lane/Southfield Road junction6.15pm St Mary’s Drive just before Cleveland Road6.20pm Cleveland Road by No 296.25pm Rands Lane by No 56.30pm Rands Lane by No 356.35pm Laburnham Drive the green by No 866.40pm Laburnham Drive by No 526.45pm Laburnham Drive by No 226.50pm Harrow Road by No 226.55pm Mercel Avenue/Sycamore Avenue junction7.00pm Mercel Avenue/Palm Avenue junction7.10pm Wickett Hern Road/Walbank Road junction7.20pm Locking Drive by No 347.25pm Hornsby Road by No 25Thursday 16th December Armthorpe route 24.45pm Spar shops5.00pm Reeves Way by No 735.10pm Reeves Way by No 1515.15pm Jenkinson Grove by 435.25pm Sargesson Road by No 555.30pm Sargesson Road/Harris Road junction5.35pm Mansfield Crescent grass area by No 1355.40pm Mansfield Crescent by Basil Avenue5.45pm Mansfield Crescent by George Street5.50pm Mansfield Crescent grass area by Park Avenue junction6.00pm Mansfield Crescent grass area by Markham Avenue junction6.10 Markham Avenue/Elm Road junction6.15pm Elm Road/Mere Lane junction6.20pm Elm Road/Briar Road Junction6.25pm Briar Road/Oak Road junction6.30pm Holly Dene by No 516.35pm Holly Dene/Pinewood Avenue6.40pm Pinewood Avenue by No 496.45pm Corner of Pinewood Avenue and Hawthorne6.50pm Fernbank Drive by No 96.55pm Fernbank Drive by No 397.00pm Junction Beech Road and Hawthorne7.10pm Beech Road the square by No 1067.20pm Beech Road/Poplar Place JunctionFriday 17th Clay Lane & Furlong Park on Leger WaySaturday 18th December Tesco Edenthorpe 10.00pm to 4.00pmMonday 20th December Cantley Manor Bessacarr4.45 to 5.15pm The Green by Cammidge Way Stayers Road5.20 to 5.30pm Hatchellwood View, Poole Drive & Riding Close5.35 to 5.45pm Gleneagles Drive, Muirfield Avenue & Sunningdale Close5.50pm Swannington Close5.55pm Packington Drive junction with Eggington Close6.00pm Packington Drive junction with Goodison Blvd.6.10pm Cantley Manor Avenue junction with Spilsby Close6.15pm Cantley Manor Avenue junction with Horninglow Close6.10pm Cantley Manor Avenue corner by No 846.20pm Tutbury Gardens6.30pm Cantley Manor Avenue junction with Woodlea Gardens6.35pm Cantley Manor Avenue junction with Woodcross Gardens6.40pm Cantley Manor Avenue junction with Temple Gardens6.45pm Cantley Manor Avenue junction with Lych Gate Close6.50pm Cantley Manor Avenue junction with Meaburn Close7.00pm Stretton Close7.15pm along Staunton Road7.25pm Greenfield GardensWednesday 22nd December Morrisons Balby 10.00am to 4.00pmThursday 23rd December Morrisons Balby 10.00am to 4.00pm


Wed 1st Dec Stainforth

Thurs 2nd Dec Sykehouse/Fishlake- Dunscroft the Oval, the Circle.

Fri 3rd Dec Hayfield

Sat 4th Dec Hatfields

Sat 4th Dec Edenthorpe/Kirk Sandall

Sun 5th Dec Doncaster (reserve day)

Mon 6th Dec Auckley /Blaxton/ Lindholme

Tues 7th Dec Dunscroft

Wed 8th Dec Moorends

Thurs 9th Dec Thorne (Kirton Lane) Stainforth

Thorne Market (Finkle St/Horse fair green)

Fri 10th Dec

Fri 10th Dec Dunsville

Sat 11th Dec Hatfields

Sat 11th Dec Barnby Dun

Sun 12th Dec Asda Doncaster

Sun 12th Dec Hatfield Woodhouse

Mon 13th Dec Finningley

Tues 14th Dec Hatfield / Dunscroft

Wed 15th Dec Edenthorpe (East)

Thurs 16th Dec Thorne (North)

Fri 17th Dec Kirk Sandall

Sat 18th Dec Thorne retail Park

Sat 18th Dec Hatfields

Sat 18th Dec Doncaster

Sat 18th Dec Auckley/Hayfield (Robin Hood)

Sun 19th Dec Asda Doncaster

Mon 20th Dec Thorne South

Tues 22nd Dec Edenthorpe (West)

Wed 22nd Dec Hatfield /Hatfield Woodhouse

Thurs 23rd Dec Branton

Fri 24th Dec Hatfields

Fri 24th Dec

Doncaster (reserve day)