Celebrating a milestone year for the Old Rectory in Epworth

This year is a milestone in the area of Methodism in Epworth.

Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 12:55 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 12:58 pm
A portrait of Susanna Wesley in the Old Rectory in Epworth
A portrait of Susanna Wesley in the Old Rectory in Epworth

It is the 350th anniversary of the birth of Susanna Wesley, the Mother of Methodism and the mother of the founders of the church, John and Charles Wesley.

Cath Fordham, from the Old Rectory in Epworth, said: “We at the Old Rectory in Epworth are proud to say we have made a change to one of our rooms to reflect the importance of this event. Without Susanna, Methodism may never have existed. There are those who would agree with this, and of course those who would disagree, and long may the debate continue.

“As part of this celebration of her life we have arranged a series of events throughout the year, which will be publicised at the appropriate time naturally, but will also be found on our Facebook page, and on the new website once it is up and running.”

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One of the rooms at the Old Rectory in Epworth

She added: “The first was a prayer vigil held on her actual birthday, January 20. The second event involved one of the biggest changes to the house in several years, and has taken us quite some time to complete. One of the rooms, has been changed into a room dedicated to Susanna, with the decor changed into a bright inviting space in which to hang the major acquisition for us of a portrait of Susanna.”

She said that although the paint is a modern one, the colour is a period shade and lifts the room into another dimension altogether.  All the work on the room has been done by volunteers, starting with filling all the cracks in the plaster, the holes in the walls, and repairing one or two loose floorboards.

Everything was washed down before the paint was applied, hours spent polishing a new light fitting before it could be put into place, and then the main task –  hanging the portrait of Susanna over the fireplace where she reigns in solitary splendour.” For more use the Facebook page for information, or call the Rectory, Monday to Friday on 01427 872268.

A writing table in Epworth's Old Rectory