Doncaster: How to get the most miles out of of your fuel as petrol prices rise

Here’s a few ways you can cut back on how much you spend on fuel, according to Vanarama.

By jimmy johnson
Wednesday, 9th March 2022, 2:32 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th March 2022, 2:34 pm

In recent weeks, fuel prices have risen by astronomical amounts – both petrol and diesel. Along with an increased cost of living amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it’s becoming increasingly hard to save money in the UK.

As such, any tips and tricks on how to save money in the current climate are invaluable. Daryl West, the head of social media and Public Relations at Vanarama, had this to say: “In the past week, the average price of petrol has jumped to £1.51 a litre, whilst diesel has increased to £1.55.

"Whilst this may not seem like a significant increase, it will now cost an additional £3.85 to fill up a standard 55-litre family car.

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With fuel prices at an unprecedented level, it's useful to know a few things about how to save money on it.

"This, alongside the general cost of living increasing at its fastest rate for 30 years, may create further money worries for motorists.”

As such, Vanarama have put together a list of a few helpful ways to save money on fuel in these uncertain times.

How to cut down on fuel spending

For starters, they advise that your car is kept clutter-free and that you only attach bike and ladder racks when you absolutely need them. The added weight makes it more difficult for your car to move, therefore leading to a increased expenditure of fuel.

In addition to this, they also advise you to never completely fill up your fuel tank, especially if your car uses diesel (due to its weight).

Vanarama also say that you should keep your tyres fully pumped up at all times. Research they conducted indicates that for every 10% your tyres are under-inflated, you will expend an extra 3% of fuel. Furthermore, tyres that aren’t pumped up properly can lead to you losing control of your vehicle – in turn, creating accidents and collisions.

Another point they put forth is that you should regularly get your car serviced. Failure to do this could lead to poor performance of your vehicle – leading to a greater expenditure of fuel. Getting your car serviced can be expensive, but it can also save you a lot of money in the long run.

Planning your journeys ahead of time is also a good way to save on fuel, Vanarama say, as carefully plotting your route will lead to a decrease in miles travelled.

As well as this, they recommend that you limit your usage of your car’s accessories and electrically operated functions, especially the air-con and windows (assuming your car’s windows are electrically powered).

Finally, Vanarama also say that a great way to cut down on fuel spending is to simply drive more carefully. They use the example of “drive as if you have a bowl of water on the passenger seat”. Using your breaks more economically and less suddenly will lead to less fuel being wasted on them, for example. They also say you should move “gently through the gears,” making sure to not rush through them. Not doing this can lead to less-than-peak performance of your car, which, of course, leads to more fuel being wasted.