Candy for the grown-ups

Candy Vodka. Picture: PA Photo/Handout.
Candy Vodka. Picture: PA Photo/Handout.

For the vodka:

1 family size bag of Skittles

35cl bottle of good-quality vodka

For presentation:

1l airtight jar

250ml presentation bottle

Coffee filter paper or muslin

Separate the colours of Skittles. You will end up with five different options - the more sweets you add, the sweeter.

If working with a different colour, remember that green leaves a bitter taste so take those out

Place the chosen Skittles into the bottom of the airtight jar and pour in half the bottle of vodka.

Fasten and shake occasionally over the next day or two when the Skittles will dissolve and leave a crystallised layer of sugar on the top.

Line a funnel with coffee filter paper or muslin and place in the neck of the presentation bottle.

Sift out the crystals, leaving a coloured but clear candy vodka.