Bright young CEO taking Doncaster Alcohol Service forward

This week we spend five minutes with the award nominated chief executive officer of Doncaster Alcohol Services, Callum Dixon.

By Nigel Booth
Tuesday, 13th August 2019, 3:49 pm
Updated Friday, 16th August 2019, 11:51 am
CEO of Doncaster Alcohol Service, Callum Dixon

Bright young CEO Callum has been nominated for a Third Sector Award, Rising Chief Executive.

He has been in post since April 2018 and has made some amazing changes over the past 18 months, especially as during his first six months Doncaster Alcohol Services fell on some unsettling times and almost folded.

There are only two nominees within the whole ceremony that are from Doncaster and colleagues this really highlights some of the amazing work that Callum and Doncaster Alcohol Services is doing within the borough.

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Callum Dixon with the team at Doncaster Alcohol Service

Callum, 27, is originally from Milton Keynes and he is currently commuting to Doncaster each day from Sheffield.

Callum has been the CEO of Doncaster Alcohol Services for 18 months in which time the charity has undergone significant changes to provide brand new services for the people of the area.

Doncaster Alcohol Services had been running for more than 35 years when Callum took over the post of CEO from the founding director.

The charity in that time had assisted thousands of Doncaster residents to overcome their unique challenges which were often complicated or caused by an alcohol dependency.

Callum promotes Doncaster Alcohol Service

Prior to joining the organisation as CEO, Callum achieved his undergraduate degree in Law with Spanish and his Masters in Employment Law.

After the harsh shock of reality that is leaving the student life behind, Callum worked and volunteered in multiple different charities, companies and social enterprises and most recently worked at Sheffield Hallam University.

Callum also set up and manages his own consultancy firm for other charities.

Since taking up the challenge of being the Chief executive officer, Callum has supported the team in launching its brand new town centre community space, “Sober Social”, in Priory Place.

Callum Dixon with Dame Rosie Winterton

The space has, in only a five month period, engaged with almost 100 individuals in Doncaster, getting them involved in activities ranging from learning Spanish (which Callum teaches) through to virtual reality experiences.

Callum is really passionate about making the space open to everyone, regardless of their unique circumstances and the ethos is that the people who engage get to decide what they want to do and share their skills with fellow members of their community.

Callum has also overseen the introduction of three new children, young people and families projects, which have helped in excess of 100 young people so far build the skills needed to equip people with high aspirations for the future and to help them avoid becoming dependant on alcohol or drugs.

The organisation has grand ambitions for the future, aiming to build on the amazing work they have already done to reach more people and change more lives for the better.

Callum plans to open Sober Social seven-days-a-week; it has already grown from opening just three days each week to opening five days-a-week (including two evenings and also on Sundays).

This will enable everyone in Doncaster who wants to make new connections and learn new skills to be able to find the time to attend.

Callum would also like the organisation to recruit more volunteers.

He said: “Volunteers really are the driving force behind organisations such as Doncaster Alcohol Services and without them many fewer people would be able to be helped each year.”

Callum himself spent many years volunteering with various different charities and believes very strongly in the positive impact this has had on his career opportunities and on his sense of wellbeing.

For all the hard work that Callum (and his team) has put in to restoring Doncaster Alcohol Services to a thriving community charity, he has recently been nominated and shortlisted for the “Rising Chief Executive” award at The Third Sector Awards, putting Doncaster on the map as a great place for charities to prosper.

For further information about Callum or Doncaster Alcohol Services, and any of its projects, please visit the website or contact him via his [email protected] email address.

A total of 97 percent of young people who engage with Doncaster Alcohol Service report feeling better equipped to deal with life's challenges.

It is estimated that there are more than 45,000 people drinking at levels causing harm to health in Doncaster.

Staff working alongside Callum at Doncaster Alcohol Services include Sally Hickson-Clark (10 years), Nicola Brown (two years) and Raquel Anne.