Audi 6 - A high tech top quality saloon

Audi A6
Audi A6

DRIVING the sleek all new Audi 6 saloon is like flying an RAF jet aircraft for the driver can see the speed and satellite navigation routing on the windscreen just like a pilot without having to look at the instrument panel writes Bryan Longworth.

And the driver in the super safe Audi can also “see” 300 metres ahead of the headlights range at night and detect a pedestrian or animal that might be in the road ahead and become an accident risk.

They are all part of the optional and standard kit on board the A7 which makes it one of the safest cars on roads in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

And because of a revolutionary aluminium lightweight construction the A6 which starts at £30,145 is much lighter than rivals from BMW, Mercedes,Jaguar and Lexus.

Weighing in at 1,575kg the lightweight construction helps to make the Audi very agile, economical and to have low CO2 emissions.

At launch there are four engines, three diesel and a petrol all of which aided by other technologies such as stop and start, energy recovery and thermal management help to make the A6 up to 19 per cent more economical than the previous model.

The real headline maker in the range is the 2.0-litre TDI engine allied to a six speed manual transmission which has emissions of 129g/km and a fuel consumption of 57.7mpg.

There are two specification levels, SE and S line with the top models having xenon headlamps plus LED daytime running lights sports suspension and exclusive exterior and interior styling.

From the options list customers will be able to choose features such as comfort seats with heating, cooling and even massaging functions.

I had quick drives in one of the diesel powered models and the petrol A6 which showed that the latest model has some impressive engines for potential owners to choose from.

The handling and performance made the cars so enjoyable from a driver aspect and the quality interiors provide drivers and passengers with a top quality environment.

The next A6 is set to be a hybrid version with a petrol engine and electric motor producing zero urban emissions and a fuel consumption of nearly 45mpg.

My Verdict: A high tech top quality saloon.


Model: New Audi A6.

Engines: Three diesel, one petrol and hybrid on the way.

Transmission: Manual and automatic.

Drive systems: Front wheel drive and quattro four wheel drive.

Price: From £30,145.