Alert for rare Superhero sightings at Meadowhall

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The secretive world of superheroes is going to be unveiled at Meadowhall on July 18 and 19 as the shopping centre lifts the lid on what it takes to save the world.

Billed the Superhero Takeover Weekend, all the favourite heroes will be on hand to explain their super powers and how they beat the baddies, time and time again. Iron Man through to Superman, Batman and Captain America will be in the Centre, along with the all important superhero arsenal of gadgets, movie cars, the Batmobile and other must haves.

As well as the heroes on hand, there will also be an exhibition of rare and vintage comics – many first editions – in the Centre. This charts how the classic comic has helped bring some of our best-loved characters to life, over the decades.

Alex Caley, Events’ Manager at Meadowhall, said: “It’s rare that you can get so many superheroes together at the same time as you never know when the next disaster is going to happen. But assuming Lex Luther stays locked up and the Green Goblin remains grounded then there’s something for every superhero fan to enjoy.

“So assemble your own heroic team, grab your friends and family and get ready for a unique experience with us.”

For mini hero wanna-bes, there will also be special prizes for youngsters who turn up dressed up as their favourite super hero and demonstrate their own super powers over the weekend. They will be able to take tips on how to get to the top of the superhero career ladder while parents go click/camera crazy to capture shots of these usually secretive VIPs.

The superheroes and exhibition will be based in the Centre during normal opening hours on both on the High Street Mall and on the mall outside Next and Primark.

The show will then move on to Sheffield University on the weekend of August 1-2. Here, Sci Fi, fantasy, comic book and gaming fans will converge at the World of Superheroes Convention, based in the Student Union building. Around 8000 visitors are expected to pass through the doors. For more information and ticket prices go to: Woscon