A quality coupe with style

VW Scirocco R Line
VW Scirocco R Line

IT goes like the wind as so it should for Volkswagen’s sleek Scirocco coupe is named after a North African wind that can reach hurricane speeds... but despite its sporting pedigree some models are also very fuel frugal and can achieve 60mpg writes Bryan Longworth.

That is if you are driving one of the Scirocco BlueMotion models that have technology aimed at making them more fuel efficient and cleaner through features like engine stop/start and battery regeneration.

The latest version of the Scirocco is blessed with a beautiful body and some models have impressive performances but I have just been driving the Scirocco that is not only lively but is also very economical with low CO2 emissions.

It is the Scirocco GT BlueMotion Technology 2.0-litre TDI with a 140bhp diesel engine and six speed manual gearbox costing £24,010 on the road that has a top speed of 129mph, a zero to 62mph time of 9.3 seconds, a combined fuel consumption of 62.8mpg and CO2 emissions of 118g/km.

With most cars the combined fuel consumption figure is artificially fixed in laboratory like conditions and real life mpg figures are usually about 10mpg less than this.

But when my test car was delivered after a journey of well over 100 miles I noted that the on-board computer was showing a consumption of around 60mpg wich is very impressive especially considering the driver had been keen to get to my home asap.

During my week with the car I managed to get similar figures and yet I drove the Scirocco in a sporting style especially during one long trip to the North West coast.

I liked the feel of this latest Scirocco which had excellent steering and handling qualities and a good quality interior with VW’s user friendly controls and instruments.

The three door Scirocco is basically a two seater for getting into and out of the back seats is a cramped operation and the car is quite low for taller drivers and passengers.

For such a car there is a very deep and roomy rear boot that swallows up baggage and shopping which is accessed over quite a high sill and I noticed there is a space saving spare wheel underneath.

The fixed rear head rests obscure rear vision but I kept the rear seats folded for much of my test time to provide better vision and extra load space when taking a bulky load to the local refuse tip.

Coupe lovers will like this Scirocco because it manages to combine a stylish body with a lively yet frugal diesel engine and quality handling that overall provides very enjoyable motoring.

My Verdict: A quality coupe with style and economy.