Health and care services always available over bank holidays in Doncaster

May bank holiday is fast approaching and whilst many health and care services will be open as normal, some like GP surgeries will be closed.

Wednesday, 22nd May 2019, 9:12 am
David Chrichton
David Chrichton

Don’t worry, you can still access a range of services and there’s always another health care professional available to provide the care and support you need.

In a short video, Dr David Crichton, local Doncaster GP and Chair of Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) outlines a range of services available this bank holiday. A particularly important message is that A&E is there for an absolute emergency.

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We always have a GP or nurse available in Doncaster. If you’re usual GP surgery is shut, you may be offered an appointment through the Extended Access service, provided by Primary Care Doncaster. In a nutshell, this service currently provides extra appointments with a GP and/or nurse outside of normal working hours and if you cannot arrange a convenient appointment with your usual GP surgery.

The Same Day Health Centre in Doncaster is also open from 8:00am until 8:00pm including Bank Holidays. You can book an appointment direct by calling 0300 123 3103 or by ringing NHS 111.

During holiday periods we still see an increase in people requesting regular repeat medication urgently because they have run out. If you do take regular prescribed medication, it is important to ensure you have enough to cover you for the extended period when your GP Practice may be closed.

The ‘Doncaster Choose Well App’ is also a handy tool, enabling smart phone users to access the appropriate and nearest services to their home address.

Finally, a full list of pharmacies that will be open over the bank holiday period in the Doncaster area is available and should be accessed for information and health advice.

Dr David Crichton, GP and Chair of Doncaster CCG said: “It is really important to help people to use the right service for their health and care needs. Over bank holiday periods, A&E departments and hospitals can get very busy, with some people attending as they don’t know where else to go when usual services are closed.

“Visiting your pharmacist, calling 111 or contacting the same day health service can make all the difference in ensuring that hospitals can treat those with more serious illnesses, conditions or injuries.”

If you do find you have run out of prescribed medicines, your local pharmacist or NHS 111 who can assist you with an emergency supply.

Nick Hunter, Professional Secretary, Doncaster Local Pharmaceutical Committee said: “I am pleased to see a continued focus on the importance of making sure that people have enough medication during the bank holiday period”.

“Even if you don’t take regular prescribed medication from your GP, it is best to be prepared with essential medicines and supplies in case you get ill. Useful items can include ibuprofen, paracetamol, plasters, thermometer and antiseptic creams

“The weather is forecast to be warm – please don’t underestimate the power of the sun – apply sun cream and take cover in the midday sun.”

Dr Nick Mallaband, Emergency Care Group Director and Consultant at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “With only a few days left until the bank holiday, we understand that many will be making plans and arrangements for the extended weekend.

“We’re asking local people to make their health part of these preparations – collecting their prescription medicines as needed, as well as understanding what services are available should they, or a family member, become ill or injured.

“Please remember to only use the Emergency Department when it’s just that – an emergency. However, if you do feel ill during the bank holiday, you can still seek advice by calling NHS 111, booking an appointment at the Doncaster Same Day Health Centre and if it’s really urgent, calling 999.”

For more information about NHS services available over the bank holiday, view dedicated web pages and get involved in the conversations on twitter, using the hashtag #Choosewelldon or like us on facebook @nhsdoncasterccg.