Doncaster family's race against time to bring seriously ill relative back to UK

A heartbroken Doncaster family say they are facing a race against time to bring home a seriously ill relative who has been in hospital in Spain for five months

Tuesday, 16th March 2021, 10:21 am

Helen McKerron, 42, has been left unable to walk or talk after suffering serious brain damage after collapsing unexpectedly in Malaga in November last year.

She has spent time in a coma in Spain and has been near to death on a number of occasions.

Now her family have been told that unless they can raise the cash needed to bring her back to the UK, she will be moved to a care home in Spain.

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Helen McKerron has been left seriously ill after collapsing in Spain.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise the £20,000 needed for a private air ambulance to bring her home.

Family member Paul Stafford now says Spanish authorities have told them they have only ten days to raise the remainder or the money or Helen will be moved into care.

He said: "They're saying she's taking up bed space and because she hasn't got Covid she can leave. In Spain, the family have to cover the costs of a care home and, if they don't, they can be taken to court. That's what we've been threatened with and they said they'll make us sell whatever we can to pay the fee.

"At first, they were trying to get us to pay the full £20,000 today, but eventually we worked an agreement that gave us 10 days to find the remaining funds. It just seemed such a stupid discussion, if she does end up going into a care home in Spain it could cost us around 2,000 euros a month.”

Helen was rushed to hospital after falling ill at her partner’s home last November and has spent several months in a coma, remains bed bound and has been left unable to speak and can only communicate using her eyes. She has suffered renal failure and undergone a tracheostomy op following the collapse, the cause of which remains a mystery to medics.

Unfortunately, Helen, who was visiting her Spanish partner Enrique at the time, did not have the necessary travel insurance – meaning that the cost of bringing her back to the UK does not cover her return on a medical flight.

You can donate to the appeal HERE