Doncaster health chief urges covid caution as intensive care rates spike to highest since March

A Doncaster health chief has urged people to do all they can to contain the virus despite slight drop in Covid cases
Dr Rupert SucklingDr Rupert Suckling
Dr Rupert Suckling

In his weekly update on October 29, Dr Rupert Suckling Director for Public Health in Doncaster, said:

“We’re getting ready to put the clocks back this weekend, which means it’s time to look ahead to winter.

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“This time last year we were preparing ourselves for a winter largely focused on managing the threat of Coronavirus within our community.

“Due to the incredible vaccination development and roll-out, we’re in a much better situation than we were 12 months ago, but our rates of Covid remain high both locally and nationally. Locally our rates have dipped over the last week to 445.4 per 100,000 for the period 17 to 23 October, but circulation in the community remains high.

"These relatively high rates also mean we are still seeing too many people needing hospital treatment including ITU. In fact the number of people needing this additional support is the highest we’ve seen since March this year.

Dr Suckling said the vaccines continue to take the strain and are allowing us to return to normal life, but as the weather gets colder and we mix indoors more, we need to do all we can to contain the spread of the virus as much as possible.

That includes:

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Getting the covid vaccine (or booster jab if you’ve been invited) and flu jab

Wearing face coverings in busy indoors locations

Trying to ventilate rooms as much as possible if mixing with others

Continuing to maintain personal hygiene such as regular hand washing

Self-isolating when ill

Dr Suckling added: “Whilst Coronavirus is of course a key area of focus in the coming months, it’s important to say that we will be supporting Doncaster and our residents through winter as a whole and not just Covid.

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" We know that other seasonal illnesses together with pent up demand on the health and care service are the big challenge.

“Of course there are other incidents that may need responding to too – the flooding in Doncaster which affected so many residents last January and two years ago for instance – but as a council we’re well prepared to support the community during difficult times and we certainly hope for the best in that regard this year.

“Winter can be a difficult time for many but we are here to support you through the coming months, whether that is with healthcare advice, financial support or gritting the roads so we can get to work and education safely.

“With all this in mind these regular updates will move from being simply Covid-specific to providing important news updates and information on support networks, wellbeing and remaining safe and well throughout this winter.

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“Hopefully this winter will be a lot more ‘normal’ than the last one, but we can only be sure of that by continuing to make the right choices and keeping the whole community safe.

“Thank you. Let’s keep going and together, we can do it for Doncaster.”

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