Doncaster Council explains why it used non-waterproof paint for washed away signs

Doncaster Council has explained why workers used non-waterproof paint for signs which were washed away by rain hours after being painted.

Tuesday, 17th November 2020, 9:58 am

After being blasted for ‘incompetence’ and ‘a waste of of taxpayers’ money,’ the Council has now explained the reasoning behind the non-waterproof notices.

A council spokesperson, said: “The floor stencils were put down at Lakeside and other high footfall locations across the borough during the first lockdown back in May and are continually monitored and refreshed when needed.

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The signs were washed away by heavy rain.

"With the changing Covid-19 guidance it is not appropriate to use permanent paint.

"In addition to the stencils, we do have signs up around the lake to advise people using the area to follow the latest guidance. These are also being monitored.

“Throughout the pandemic we have continued to promote the latest Covid-19 guidance widely through various channels to ensure local people know the latest advice.”

The notices – urging people to stay away two metres away from each other – were painted on paths around the Marina area at Lakeside – despite the footpath being less than 2m wide.

One walker, who spotted the blunder said: “Absolute incompetence and a waste of taxpayers’ money.”

Back in June, the path around the Lakeside Marina was closed off after a video emerged showing walkers, joggers and cyclists of all ages ignoring the 2m social distancing rule.