Coronavirus hospital admissions in Yorkshire and north east start to creep up

The number of people being admitted to hospitals in Yorkshire and the north east with Covid-19 has started to creep up, the latest figures show.

Wednesday, 16th September 2020, 8:42 am

The increase is another worrying sign that a second wave of coronavirus could be about to hit Sheffield, South Yorkshire and other areas within the region.

The number of people testing positive for the virus has been on the rise across England, with Sheffield designated as an ‘area of concern’ due to the number of new cases there.

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The number of people being admitted to hospitals in England with Covid-19 has increased (pic: Getty Images)

That increase has yet to result in more daily deaths being recorded in England, partly due to the fact many of those cases are among younger people who tend to be less seriously affected by the virus.

But a rise in hospital admissions in Yorkshire and the north east over the last week suggests that could be about to change as more vulnerable people are exposed.

Official statistics published by the Government show that during the week ending September 9, the latest date for which reliable figures are available, 118 people were admitted to hospitals in the North East and Yorkshire, compared with 68 the previous week.

The 34 admissions in the region recorded on Wednesday, September 9 were the most in a single day since July 7.

There has been a similar upward trend across England, with the 136 hospital admissions recorded last Wednesday being the most nationally since July 13.

The figures for hospital admissions are only broken down by region, and it is not yet known whether hospitals in Sheffield are starting to see more Covid-19 patients.