"Absolute s***!" Anger as anti-vaxx Covid-denying paper pushed through doors in Doncaster

Angry Doncaster householders have blasted an anti-vaxx Covid-denying newspaper as ‘absolute s***” after it was pushed through their doors.

Thursday, 21st October 2021, 8:26 am

The Light, which describes itself as a ‘truthpaper’ has recently been circulating in Doncaster, with copies handed out in the town centre by campaigners who say coronavirus is a hoax.

Now it has emerged that copies of the newspaper – which is packed with dozens of coronavirus conspiracy theories - has been delivered to a number of homes in Doncaster.

People in Bentley, Wheatley and Balby have all said they have had copies of the publication pushed through their doors in recent days.

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The Light describes itself as a 'truthpaper.'

One angry resident, who declined to be named, said: “It is absolute s***.

"The whole thing is just trash from start to finish. It’s peddling dangerous rubbish that people shouldn’t be taken in by.

"These anti-vaxx idiots think they have seen the light and that they are somehow the chosen ones who have made this amazing discovery. The reality is they are a bunch of absolute morons.”

Copies of The Light, which describes itself as ‘the only paper telling you the truth’ and ‘free from the establishment’ were being given away in the town centre last month.

The publication has been dubbed ‘dangerous’ for spreading false and misleading information about vaccines as well as numerous Covid-19 conspiracy theories.

The self-published “truthpaper” is edited by Manchester man Darren Smith who runs a business selling anti-vaccine T-shirts and 9/11 conspiracy merchandise.

The outlet, which has published 13 issues since it first appeared last September, features articles about the New World Order supposedly behind Covid, urges rejecting vaccines and not to wear masks, calling coronavirus a hoax.

Newspapers are distributed by a 5,000-strong private Facebook group where volunteers offer to hand out copies and post them through their neighbours’ doors.

Its Twitter accounts have been suspended for peddling Covid misinformation and the print publication regularly draws on baseless claims about Bill Gates, global plots and mind control using vaccines. It calls for modern-day “Nuremberg trials” for ‘main stream media’ journalists it says are following agendas.

Smith, the Light’s founder and editor, who performs as Darren Nesbitt, said the paper is distributed by anti-vaxx supporters and Covid-deniers.