Vandals wreck bug hotel built by scouts

A scouts group has been left disappointed after the home for creepy crawlies they had lovingly constructed was smashed up for the second time.

Tuesday, 6th July 2021, 10:25 am

A bug hotel built by 71st Doncaster Hunafa Scout Group scouts at Sandall Park was callously torn down this week.

Volunteers at the park described the destruction of the wildlife habitat lovingly created from pallets by the group as ‘despicable, pointless and downright malicious.’

Victoria Stokoe vice chair of the voluntary group Friends of Sandall Park said :"The youngsters of the scouts group lovingly created this bug hotel for the benefit of the wildlife and the park.

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Vandalw wrecked the bug hotel built by scouts at Sandall Park Doncaster

"It shows the children's enthusiasm and pride in making the bug hotel and on the flip side, the lack of pride and disregard for other people's property by others, when they have nothing better to do.

“It is a park for everyone to enjoy but we won't be put off by a small minority wanting to spoil things.

"The bug hotel will be put back together today and it will be put back together week in week out if that's what's needed.”

Sandra Crabtree, chairman, added: “We do get mindless criminal damage from time to time but we rise above it, repair the damage – or the council do if it's play equipment or infrastructure- and get on with the job of keeping the park nice for the majority.

“It is annoying because it's time and money spent putting things right that could be spent on other important things. There will always be a minority determined to spoil things for others, but we're there to make sure they don't."