Time for a lesson in road safety for Doncaster children

As children start returning to the classroom, the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) is urging parents and road users to help keep students safer on their journeys back to school.

By Barbara Craythorn
Thursday, 26th August 2021, 5:14 pm
Back to school for Doncaster children
Back to school for Doncaster children

As a new academic year dawns, pupils everywhere, will be heading back to lessons.

And with many children starting at a new school, journeys may be unfamiliar, so some pre-planning could help.

Joanne Wehrle Safer Roads Manager said: “It may be the children who are returning to school, but we are encouraging their adults to help by offering a road safety lesson to protect their loved ones on the trip back to the classroom.

“Think about the journey to school before the first day of term. How will you be travelling and how long will it take? You don’t want to be rushing at the last minute on that first day.

“Make sure that children being taken to school by car use a seatbelt or sit in an appropriate child safety seat, no matter how short the journey.

“Casualty data shows that children are just as likely to be injured as a car passenger as they are as a pedestrian, so don’t think that by driving them to school you will be reducing their chances of being involved in a collision.”

“Walking your children to school will help to contribute to their daily amount of exercise, reduces congestion and pollution around the school gates and will offer opportunities to teach your child vital road safety lessons along the way, preparing them for when they start to travel more independently,” added Joanne.

For parents who are dropping their children off by car, the Partnership is urging them to park further away from the gates to prevent the risk of dangers and inconsiderate parking. You could even drop them at a friend’s house or a central meeting point so they can walk in together.

“For children who are starting their journey to secondary school, this may be the first regular independent journey they make and parents can help be talking through some of the key issues,” said Joanne.

“Highlight the potential dangers of messing about close to busy roads and discourage it.”

All drivers, whether on the school run or not, are reminded that as schools reopen, the roads will be busier with extra traffic and pedestrians, especially outside schools.

Look out for the “lollipop person” and always stop if indicated to do so by the school crossing patrol warden, as failing to do this is a criminal offence and puts children’s lives at risk.

“Back to school can be a worrying and stressful time for everyone, so don’t let road safety add to that list.” concluded Joanne.

“We want to support parents and carers in thinking ahead and talking to children about their journey to school, to try and minimise the risks.

“All drivers can help by looking out for pedestrians, slowing down near schools and crossing points and parking considerately.

“We all have a responsibility to keep ourselves and others safer on the roads. Please take extra care as everyone gets used to the school run again.”

Follow our short guide offering support with their safety to and from school: sysrp parent page

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