Sir Thomas Warton Academy student Tom’s help for his community

Tom Frith has been recognised with presentation of the ‘Young Person’s Accolade’ by the Civic Mayor, Coun Linda Curran, in the Doncaster Freemen’s Awards for the difference he has made to his community.

Monday, 22nd July 2019, 5:20 pm
Updated Tuesday, 30th July 2019, 5:16 pm
Tom Frith has received a ‘Young Person’s Accolade’ in the Doncaster Freemen’s Awards
Tom Frith has received a ‘Young Person’s Accolade’ in the Doncaster Freemen’s Awards

Tom, 17, has also been recognised by his school, Sir Thomas Wharton Academy, Edlington.

In this week’s 5 Minutes with, we take a look at the academy’s tribute to him: Tom is an extremely conscientious and mature young man who has contributed greatly to the Academy and it’s wider community.

He is currently studying for three A Levels - maths, physics and computer science. All of his teachers speak highly of him. In addition to these, Tom is also currently undertaking the Extended Project Qualification which is developing his independence, time management, research, essay writing and presentation skills for university.

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Tom Frith and Toby Crane with their certificates presented by Civic Mayor, Coun Linda Curran

Tom is a member of the Army Cadet Force and currently holds the position of Corporal. He regularly teaches younger cadets the subjects that they have to learn in the APC Syllabus (Army Proficiency Certificate).

He is also at a level where he acts as DS (Directing Staff) when on camps. This means he may teach lessons and/or delegate down to lower ranks to carry out tasks. He will basically do what an Adult Instructor does if he is being DS, but without the pay.

Staff who have worked with Tom at camp find him to be a polite, professional, dedicated and committed young man and a credit to they Army Cadet Force.

Tom has also worked as a midday assistant within the Academy, assisting our midday permanent supervising staff over lunch break. He is a very responsible individual. Nothing is too much trouble and he is always willing to carry out any instruction given to him without complaint.

Tom Frith receives his 'Young Person's Accolade' from Civic Mayor, Coun Linda Curran

Tom plays a significant role in developing opportunities for young people in Doncaster. Tom has represented other young people in Doncaster as part of our work with Doncaster Council and the Department for Education.

The Council commented that his input was invaluable and they believe that the involvement of young people, such as Tom, in the commissioning of projects in Doncaster will ensure that the right provision is provided for the young people in the area.

In addition to this, Tom was also recruited this year to be part of Doncaster’s Young Advisers Board. In this role he works with business leaders, decision makers and the community to influence the planning, decision making and marketing of services to young people.

As Tom continues his A Level studies at Sir Thomas Wharton Academy, all of the staff wish him every success in his examinations next summer; we expect his future to be very bright.

Tom Frith in his army cadet uniform

Congratulations to Thomas Frith and Toby Crane for receiving the Doncaster Freeman: Young People's Award 2019.

The Freemen of Doncaster organised a Young People’s Awards event on Wednesday July 3 2019 at The Mansion House. Thomas and Toby were nominated by staff at the Academy for demonstrating some of the following: Active participation in school life; Community involvement; Overcoming a disability or family difficulties; Success in drama, music sport etc; Academic excellence or a determination to succeed.

Thomas and Toby were outstanding on the day and we as an Academy are very proud of them.

Tom expressed his delight at receiving the award and said: “After the initial surprise to find out the school had nominated me, I felt immensely proud to receive the award from the Civic Mayor.

“I love doing all the things I do and helping the community and don't plan to stop.”

He added: “I don’t expect any rewards for the things I do, I just love to get involved and try to make a difference.

“I hope it will encourage more young people to get involved with what is out there and put their skills to good use and hopefully more people can make more of a difference.”

Much of Tom’s free time is taken up with his role in the army cadets as a Corporal and he said: “One of my main duties within the cadets is as an instructor for other cadets.

“I teach such things as first aid and field craft, which includes tactical skills and using a map and compass among other things.

“I am also a young adviser with the council and also a young commissioner. Recently this has involved working with companies in the borough to make them more accessible to the disabled. As a young adviser I have also had input into its policy to make the borough more child friendly.

“I am also a sixth form council treasurer at the academy. All these things have helped me in my daily life.”