More photos of the Doncaster students who achieved impressive GCSEs after a challenging year

In what has been the most challenging year for everyone, Doncaster students have proved themselves by achieving great grades in their GCSE exams.

By Stephanie Bateman
Friday, 13th August 2021, 12:00 pm

At New College Doncaster students have continued their record of excellent outcomes, despite the continuing difficulties and working with another new assessment system.

This year’s cohort achieved an A-Level pass rate of 100 per cent and 61 per cent of students achieved the highest grades of A*-B.

In Applied General courses, an incredible 98 per cent of students achieved a high grade, i.e. a distinction or distinction star, with 100 per cent passing their courses.

De Warenne pupils Dana, Nicole, Freya, Ellie and Kenya celebrate their fantastic results

Both sets of figures are in line with the outstanding results achieved by New College Doncaster last year.

Brendon Fletcher, New College Doncaster Principal, said: “We congratulate students and staff for another set of excellent results.

"Although results have been awarded differently this year, in the absence of examinations, we are proud of the hard work and achievements of our students.”

The fact that our students succeeded in achieving excellent grades, on the back of extensive in-college assessments and following external moderation, speaks volumes about their excellent resilience, hard-work and commitment.

Anya, Ishita, Farhan, Sanjeev and Kian of Hill House School all gained a clean sweep of 9s

"It is these skills and qualities which will help them flourish at university, in apprenticeships and employment, and they should be congratulated by everyone for their hard-won success.

“New College Doncaster is part of the New Collaborative Learning Trust (NCLT), and the Trust’s CEO, Richard Fletcher said: “We are delighted that our learners have secured such an outstanding set of results in these difficult times, giving them the best possible start to life after college, whether that be in education, training or the world of work.

"The fact that they have performed so well reflects their hard work, commitment and resilience.

Despite the difficulties, many students are already looking back on their time at New College with real affection.

Dan Norton of Hill House School now heads to the US to pursue his ice hockey career

“College was an amazing two years and I couldn’t have achieved what I have without my teachers. They were incredible and really cared about us students. Thank you,” said Hollie Murfitt who achieved A*s in maths and further maths, an A in physics, and a B in chemistry.

Alexandra Witton said: “New College was a great experience to learn about subjects that you really enjoy, and allowed me to make so many new friends too.” She achieve a BTEC Film and TV Production – Distinction star, A-Level Sociology - A and Media Studies - A*.

“It’s been a wonderful experience to work independently during my studies, having the luxuries of breaks in between lessons. It was lovely to meet new people and learn from my teachers who have got me this result and I couldn’t thank them enough,” said Evie Lindle with her three distinction stars in Health and Social Care Extended Diploma .

Pupils at Hill House are overjoyed this week as they received an outstanding set of GCSE results.

Joe Eves looks to launch his professional rugby career after his fantastic GCSE results at Hill House School

Despite their studies being disrupted by COVID, the Auckley school recorded its best ever GCSE results, with 75 per cent of all GCSEs gaining 9-7, and a massive 48 per cent gaining the top 9 and 8 grades.

Top performers included Kian Tamjidi, Sanjeev Singh, Anya Goel, Farhan Khan and Ishita Singh, who all secured clean sweeps of grade 9s.

Niamh Doody, in addition to playing cricket for Nottinghamshire, also secured 2 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s and 3 grade 7s, while Joe Eves looks to launch his professional rugby career supported by a full house of grade 7s and above. Daniel Norton was very pleased with his full set of GCSE results and now heads to the US to pursue an ice hockey career.

Headmaster David Holland was delighted with the results and said: “This is a super year group, and our pupils earned their grades through massive amounts of hard

work both by them and their teachers.

"Throughout the various lockdown periods we kept our full timetable working online.

Hill House School's Niamh Doody achieved incredible results alongside an impressive cricket career

"Staff and pupils worked together to make sure they kept their momentum and these results are a vindication of that approach.

"The pupils are very deserving of these fantastic results, especially in these difficult times.

“We are extremely proud of their ability, resilience and positive attitudes.

"They are very well set to move on to the Sixth Form with great confidence.”

There were scenes of joy at the Windmill Balk Lane based Outwood Academy Adwick academy as students collected their results.

Overall there were highlights for the academy in English, where 64 per cent of the students achieved a Grade 5 or higher and 83 per cent a Grade 4.

Andy Scruby, Principal at Outwood Academy Adwick, said: “The last 18 months have been unprecedented and the way the students have handled the changing circumstances has been inspirational at times.

“After the challenges we have faced today has been a wonderful opportunity for students and staff to come together and celebrate the reward of their hard work and care.

“I am so proud of them as they received their results.

"Many will remain with us as they move on to 6th from studies and we wish them all the very best for the future and are excited to see what they achieve in the future.”

One of the standout students’ success stories was Helen Chen, who achieved 7 Grade 9s and 3 Grade 8s.

Helen, who is planning on going to sixth form college, said: “It has been such an unprecedented year, I am really happy with the results I managed to achieve.

"I’ve really enjoyed my time at Outwood.”

Among many other success stories Daniel Horan achieved 6 Grade 9s, a Grade 8, a Grade and a Distinction*.

Tia Hanson achieved 4 Grade 9s, a Grade 8, 3 Grade 7s and a Distinction*.

Nathanial Sheppard achieved 2 Grade 9s, 5 Grade 8s, a Grade 7 and a Distinction*.

Georgina Hull 2 Grade 9s, 4 Grade 8s, a Grade 7, a Grade 6 and a Distinction*.

Julie Slater, Chief Executive Principal Secondary at Outwood, said: “These fantastic results are the just rewards for the inspirational resilience and determination shown by the students, and staff, during one of the most challenging years the education sector has ever faced.

“I am beyond proud of the achievements of our students and I wish them the very best for the future.

"If they continue with the same work ethic as they’ve displayed over the last 12 months, I am certain they will be successful in whatever they choose to do.”

Ben Robertson, assistant headteacher at The Hayfield School said: “Congratulations to all of our Year 11 students on your GCSE results.

"These results recognise the tremendous effort, commitment and talent of the students and prove that nothing can stop them from achieving their ambitions in the future.

"In a year where we all need a good news story, our Year 11 students have provided us with 210 individual good news stories.

“The teachers and support staff at The Hayfield School are incredibly proud of each and every one of them and we look forward to hearing of all their success in the coming years.”

Top students were Lucy Dixon - 9 grade 9s; Mia Austin - 9 grade 9s; Finley Sutcliffe - 9 grade 9s; Ella Ford - 7 grade 9s; Matthew Roxby - 7 grade 9s; Robin Furber - 7 grade 9s; Alexander Marshall - 6 grade 9s; Amelia Scanlan - 6 grade 9s; Oliver Hope - 5 grade 9s; Adam Aldridge - 5 grade 9s.

At Outwood Academy Danum there were scenes of joy as students collected their results.

Overall there were highlights for the academy in all subject areas and student progress, no matter the starting points of each student, is exceptional.

Students have worked incredibly hard to achieve these results. Another highlight is that students from less advantaged backgrounds have also made excellent progress, even given the very difficult circumstances many faced.

Jayne Gaunt, Principal at Outwood Academy Danum, said: “The last 18 months have been unprecedented and the way the students have handled the changing circumstances has been inspirational at times.Students had over 20 weeks of learning from home over the course of these GCSEs and many had further lost classroom time due to further isolations.

“The spirit in which our students have fought to achieve these results is to be commended and I would like to also thank parents and teachers for the support provided to our young people to help them achieve such excellent results.

“I am so proud of all of our students and it was brilliant to share in some of their joy today as they received their results. We wish them all the very best for the future and we are excited to see what they achieve in the future.”

“We have so many standout students for grades achieved and effort made. Maxim Boulby, Katie Darbyshire, Kacper Dziedzic, Alyssa Fitzgerald, Karys Gruszczak, Ben Hinchcliffe, Rebecca Loveday, Kaitlin McPhillie,Lucas Platts, Kia Rutherord, Anastasia Sandulescu, Brigit Sarpong, Liam Shamu, Alex Singh and Jet Woodhouse are a few! We are looking forward to many of our students returning to us in Post 16 in September but would like to wish all of our students the very best of luck in their future destinations.

Julie Slater, Chief Executive Principal Secondary at Outwood, said: “These fantastic results are the just rewards for the inspirational resilience and determination shown by the students, and staff, during one of the most challenging years the education sector has ever faced. I am beyond proud of the achievements of our students and I wish them the very best for the future. If they continue with the same work ethic as they’ve displayed over the last 12 months, I am certain they will be successful in whatever they choose to do.”’

Students at Astrea Academy Woodfields, part of Astrea Academy Trust, are celebrating success after securing top marks in their vocational qualifications, following a challenging year in which schools were closed and exams cancelled.

Despite this, the Doncaster Sixth Formers have achieved an excellent set of results and are now ready to step into the future – with each one following the pathway of their choice, into further study, training or work.

As today’s results show, Woodfields’ focus on nurturing world-ready young people, with the qualifications and skills needed to be successful in life, has paid off. Amongst their cohort, the following students are celebrating: Zak Scott, going into the fire service, achieved DDM; Kieron Stuart, going to university to study physiotherapy, MMM; Dan Bagshaw, accepting a football scholarship in America, DDD; Lucy Bailey, going to university to complete a course in policing, DDD; Aleksy Mazec, taking a sports coaching apprenticeship, DMM; Ketan McHale, going to university to study sport & exercise science, D*DD.

Jess Bain, Head of Sixth Form, Astrea Academy Woodfields, said: “This has been a really tough year for our students but they have shown great maturity and determination to succeed.

"Our dedicated tutors have given 100% in helping each student achieve their potential, providing opportunities to develop outside the classroom, despite the limitations of the pandemic, and setting ambitious goals that students have snatched with both hands.

"These results are testimony to everyone’s hard work, but especially that of our students, who deserve all our congratulations.”

Also collecting results are fellow year 11 students, whose long-awaited GCSE grades have now been published.

Grades this year have been determined by teachers, following a rigorous process designed to ensure students have the grades they merit and are able to move forward to their next stage with confidence. Amongst the students celebrating today are:

David Nwaokocha, a very conscientious student who likes to listen to classical music to help him revise! He had a really high target grade to achieve in PE and smashed it. David is heading back to a college in London where he has already been accepted onto his chosen course. David's intended destination is New College Doncaster. He achieved three 9s, six 8s and one 6.

Scarlett West, a very talented musician outside of school and very hard working student in school. Scarlett is so supportive of other students and is always there to help staff and other students with any task. Her intended destination is Hall Cross Sixth Form after achieving one 9, six 8s, and three 7s.

Jessica Woods, the first ever student at Woodfields to score full marks in the BTEC sport qualification. A very talented footballer, playing at a very high level outside of school. Jess is very committed to achieving the best in her studies, and is very driven to achieving success in sixth form. Jess's plans to go on to New College Doncaster. She achieved two 8s, five 7s and six 3s.

Ihsan Kabir, who really stood out during lockdown as being so committed to completing his coursework to the best of his ability. He was so conscientious and refused to let the lockdown situation get in his way of achieving great results. Ishan's intended destination is Hall Cross Sixth Form or New College Doncaster. He achieved 4 grade 7s, 1 grade 7*, 4 grade 6's and one grade 5.

Warren Greaves, who struggled at the start of year 11 until deciding to stay at Woodfields sixth form to study sport. This gave him a clear goal and he did everything he could to achieve it, attending after school and school holiday sessions to demonstrate his commitment to achieving the entry criteria. Warren's plans to complete a Btec Level 3 Sport at Astrea Academy Woodfields Sixth Form. He achieved four 5s, one 4, three 3s and a 2.Adam Atkinson, Principal, Astrea Academy Woodfields, said: “Congratulations to all Woodfields students, who should be very proud of all they have achieved during a very difficult year. Supported by our staff, who worked tirelessly to provide high quality teaching and learning throughout the school closures, students are now ready to take their next exciting step into the future and we wish them every success.”

Rowena Hackwood, CEO, Astrea Academy Trust, said: “Congratulations to all our students, who have shown great courage and commitment to keep working throughout the disruption of the pandemic.

"At Astrea Academy Trust we strive to provide an excellent education and to inspire our students to achieve their very best. Our determination has not been diminished by COVID-19 and it’s wonderful to see the hard work of students and staff pay off in these results – with many Doncaster youngsters celebrating exceptional results, places on prized courses and prestigious work placements.”

Students at Trinity Academy describe huge growth in resilience and independence as they reflect back on a year like no other.

Year 11 students at Trinity Academy are celebrating their GCSE and vocational results as they look back at a year of challenges, disruption and hard graft. As they consider the last eighteen months, many are able to see how they have grown into mature learners and, in turn, better equipped for the future.

Blake Harhoff who achieved an incredible nine grade 9s and two grade 8s talks about how the year took him "out of my comfort zone. I just had to get on and do it.” He recognises that dealing with uncertainty, particularly in the assessments, has developed his character.

Lily Dowse, celebrating a fantastic ten grades at grade 8 or above said she is “very happy,” with her results.

She recognises that the last year has “taught me to develop resilience.”

Mandy Smyth, AVP for Teaching & Learning and English teacher praised Blake, Lily and their classmates saying: “I’m so proud of their resilience and their ability to adapt to whatever challenges they faced. They have come out with amazing grades that they worked really hard for.”

Several students described how the periods of lockdown and remote learning really helped them to develop as independent learners.

Joshua Wilson, who achieved four grade 9s, four grade 8s, one grade 7 and one distinction*, highlighted how: “Working at home made me an independent learner.

"This has helped prepareme for further study at university.”

Mrs Wilson, Joshua’s mother, described the live lessons that Joshua had received as “extraordinary,” thanking the teachers for all their preparation and sharing that without this

support, Joshua would not have got the grades that he did.

Mark Furniss, the Head of Business and Computing who oversaw the delivery of four qualifications, praised students on their “huge resilience.

It is

hard to do a lot of independent research and it is no easy task completing coursework at home.”

At the heart of the success this year has been what the Head of Year, Marcus Stones, described as a “real team effort.”

Assistant Head of Year, Claire Morris was greatly impressed by the positive attitude that students showed throughout the year, particularly on the return to school in March.

She expressed particular gratitude to parents, describing their support as “phenomenal.”

Nicola Stockey, Head of Art echoed these words, praising her Art students in the way that they had attended “every single twilight session offered,” to ensure their coursework was of the highest possible standard.

Relationships have been fundamental to this team effort. Billy Astill (six grade 9s, two grade 8s and two grade 7s) appreciated the: “More personal relationships with the teachers because of lockdown.”

Jeremy Pike, the first student at Trinity Academy to achieve straight grade 9s across all (ten) of his subjects, said that the last year had helped him realise that “friends are really important, they help you get through things.”

While a majority of students will be progressing to the Trinity Sixth Form, some students are moving to new pastures.

Luke Keeble was able to secure a highly competitive apprenticeship for Aeronautical Engineering, shining in the interview stage and convincing assessors of his ability. Harrison Taylor has also been accepted onto an apprenticeship in Electrical Engineering with Network Rail.

This comes with a guaranteed job on successful completion of the course with a starting salary of over £30,000.

Summarising the last 12 months, Head of School, Victoria Gibson said: “In a year that has been like no other, today has been a day of celebration for every one of our GCSE students.

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"We are so proud of their resilience, dedication and camaraderie as a year group.

"Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, our pupils have worked exceptionally hard and have continued to succeed, benefitting from the excellent support and advice

of Academy staff.

“We are thrilled that the majority of Year 11 will be joining our thriving sixth form.

"We wish all our pupils every success in life.”

Club Doncaster Sports College students are celebrating another incredible year of success with a 100 per cent pass rate across all qualifications.

One hundred and twenty seven students contributed to the fantastic results which capped another remarkable year for Club Doncaster Sports College since it was established in 2008 at the Keepmoat Stadium.

Principal, Adi Turnpenny, commented: “We are absolutely delighted with the results and, in this most challenging of years, that students have completed all courses with the skills and knowledge to progress.

“The results are a credit to the adaptability, resilience and hard work of the students and the incredible staff that support them.

“I’d like to wish all graduates the best of luck in the future and we look forward to welcoming our new students and those returning to us for a second year in September.”

Many of the level 3 BTEC graduates will continue their studies by progressing into higher education with the college, studying specialist sports degrees run in partnership with Doncaster College.

All first-year level 2 students who completed attained qualified Gym Instructor status and all second-year students who completed have become accredited Personal Trainers as part of their courses.

Student Ellie Midgley said: “Club Doncaster Sports College has given me the opportunity to pursue my dream career in sport as a physiotherapist. Achieving D* D* D after all the hard work was 100 per cent worth it. I would highly recommend the college to anyone looking for a career in sport.”

Alongside all academic programmes, students have the opportunity to represent the badge of Doncaster Rovers FC, Doncaster Rovers Belles FC, and the Dons RLFC in EFL/RFL National College leagues, as well as experiencing a host of other sports.

Mr Scott Barlow, principal at South Axholme Academy said: “The Good Schools Guide (2020) number one local school - South Axholme Academy were celebrating again with their students this morning as they received their GCSE results.

"It what has been an extremely challenging year the students shed tears of joy this morning with family members and teaching staff.

"Congratulations to all them - you fully deserve your amazing grades.

"A special mention to Lewis Higgins who achieved an outstanding 8 grade 9s, Freddie Halkon who achieved 5 grade 9s or equivalent and Anna Glew and Daniel Parker who achieved 4 grade 9s or equivalent.

"Good luck on their future endeavours.”

The sun came out at De Warenne Academy to celebrate students and staff achieving record breaking results once again.

Students in this year group have worked hard in understandably challenging circumstances, yet a total of 48 grade 9s or distinction *s were awarded across a range of subjects including English, maths, science, geography, history, art, construction, hospitality and catering, performing arts, sport studies and health and social care.

Overall, 67 per cent of students gained a grade 4 in English and maths and 43 per cent achieved a grade 5, surpassing the results from last year and being the “best ever results” for the fifth consecutive year.

Understandably, the implications of Covid-19 created a number of difficulties for parents, students and staff this academic year.

But, in the face of adversity, these year 11 students have worked consistently well (and remotely) to achieve these fantastic results. It just goes to show what can be achieved when difficulty and hard times are thrust upon us.

Principal, Anna Rooney said: “The Class of 2021 is particularly special to me because we started at De Warenne Academy together five years ago.

"I am delighted to see how well they have done during this time and will miss them very much.

"The outcomes achieved today are testament to the hard work of our talented students, inspired by committed teachers and supportive parents.

"I know they will go from strength to strength and wish them every future success”.

Photos: De Warenne pupils Alfie, Dana, Nicole, Freya, Ellie and Kenya celebrate their fantastic results

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Megan Ainsley with her parents
Shock for Leah Noble
Sam Bell
Joshua Walton with his mum
Sophia Dennis
Anna Glew
A very happy Freddie Halkon
Daniel Parker
Lewis Higgins of South Axholme Academy
De Warenne pupil Alfie celebrate his fantastic results
Club Doncaster Sports College student of the year, Jack Macefield
Jeremy Pike, 16, of Thorne, achieved 10 GCSE's at grade 9(A**). He plans to carry on his education at Thorne Trinity, studying his A-Levels in Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Music. Picture: NDFP-12-08-21-GCSETrinityAcademy 3-NMSY
James John, 16, of Thorne, pictured celebrating his GCSE results, which included an 8(A*) in History and a 7(A) in RE. James will be attending a Norfolk Boarding School to continue his studies. Picture: NDFP-12-08-21-GCSETrinityAcademy 6-NMSY
Chloe Burnand and Hattie Sheppard, both 16, both from Thorne, pictured with their GCSE results. Hattie gained 10 GCSE', including 8(A*) grades in English Language and English Literature and plans to stay on at the Academy to study Alevels in Psychology, English and Media. Chloe gained nine GCSE's, including a Distinction * in Hospitality and Catering and plans to stay on at the Academy to study, Health and Social Care, Child Development and Hospitality and Catering. Picture: NDFP-12-08-21-GCSETrinityAcademy 5-NMSY
Maisie Hinchliffe, 16, of Thorne, gained ten GCSE's, including five at grade 8 (A*) and four at grade 7 (A). Maisie, will continue her studies at the Academy, studying Alevels in Psychology, History and Maths. NDFP-12-08-21-GCSETrinityAcademy 9-NMSY