Thrive event wants to bash the New Year stereotypes and promote year round self care

Doncaster women are organising events to promote self care through workshops, talks and performances.

By Laura Andrew
Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 10:57 am
Updated Monday, 18th November 2019, 10:01 am
Organisers Lindsay and Heidi
Organisers Lindsay and Heidi

According to Thrive organisers Lindsay and Heidi the words “New Year, New You” litter the headlines every January and they can be damaging for mental health and wellbeing.

Which is why they have decided to put on an alternative event that encourages participants to ignore the new year stereotypes and focus on self-acceptance.

Lindsay McGlone, aged 21, organiser, said: “We wanted to do an anti-new year event, to go against the lose the weight culture.

Rubyyy Jones (Neo Burlesque Performer)

“Self-care doesn’t have to be bubble baths and candles in January, you can look after yourself year-round.

“Nothing like this has been done in Doncaster before - it’s a mix of activities which will represent marginalised groups - we want to be all-inclusive.”

Lindsay McGlone otherwise known as The Fierce, Fat, Feminist and Heidi Mavir known as The Unstoppable Woman are holding the event named Thrive on January 18 at Cast.

It will be a full-day event filled with speakers, performers and workshops all aimed towards self-love.

Drag performer Donny Lad

Heidi Mavir, aged 44, organiser, said: “We are passionate about diversity and this project has just gotten bigger and bigger.

“It started as just a few of us in a hotel room but now we’ve booked out pretty much all of Cast for the day.

“The event is aimed towards celebrating yourself and being happy and comfortable.

“One of the themes will be taking time to appreciate what you have.”

Drag performer

The speakers and workshops will include Heidi Mavir (The Unstoppable Woman), Lindsay McGlone (The Fierce, Fat Feminist), Sara Harvey (Agony Autie), Jenny Dewsnap (Chair - Doncaster Thrive), Lady Wildflower - International Burlesque Performer and Tutor.

Performances will include Rubyyy Jones (Neo Burlesque Performer), Lydia Bernsmeier-Rullow (Poet and Spoken Word Artist), Fluid/Ity Drag Family Performers - Donny Lad, Bipolar Abdul, and Anna Phoria.

“We want the event to be empowering and build a sense of community,” Lindsay continued.

“Hopefully by bringing people together will enable them to feed off each other's energy and feel confident.

Heidi said: “I spent decades feeling like I didn’t fit in - that my special brand of weird was too weird for people.

“We want people to realise it’s ok to be yourself and when you do wonderful things start to happen.”

Sponsors of the event are Wonderland Awaits (Doncaster Boutique), Peacock Pretties (Eccentric Accessories) and Topsy Curvy (Fat positive clothing).

The event is ticketed and costs £30 for the day - you can buy tickets here.