NCB and forces deafness compensation with Eldred Law

An English law firm specialising in Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), also known as industrial deafness, is taking up the case for the many people that government bodies, large public companies and smaller private companies have failed to protect, in particular, the large numbers of miners and military personnel, all of whom have been exposed to dangerous levels of noise by their employer (the government).

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Friday, 3rd September 2021, 7:00 am
Eldred Law represents people like miners who have been exposed to dangerous levels of noise by their employer

Eldred Law, which is headed by Steven Eldred, a solicitor who has specialised in hearing loss claims since 1997, has successfully represented thousands of Union members in the South of England, and has recently assisted many clients based all over the country with their similar claims for hearing loss.

“These companies have, for decades, been aware of the dangers of noise exposure in the workplace, but have chosen to do nothing or very little about it,” explains Steven. “This has been to the detriment of millions of employees. Eldred Law employs people who are experienced in pursuing cases on behalf of those who have discovered that they have noise damage to their hearing. We are dedicated to seeking justice for such individuals.”

NIHL is the result of harm done to your hearing from excessive noise. It is the damage to the cells of the inner ear caused by noise - a common condition suffered by many thousands of people who work in loud environments, such as: exposure to coal mining equipment both below ground and above ground; exposure to weapons fire and explosions and armoured vehicles and ship and aircraft engines.

The military is another profession that may have caused people hearing damage

When sound enters the ear it causes the eardrum to vibrate, and these vibrations are then transferred to the delicate inner ear cells, and the brain translates the vibrations into sound. If the vibrations entering the ear are too powerful, they will permanently damage the fragile structure of the inner ear cells. The damage caused is irreversible, and threatens victims’ quality of life.

Noise levels in certain workplaces – especially coal mining and service in the military – can exceed a safe level, and in these situations an employer owes a duty of care to their employees and, by law, should protect their hearing by supplying hearing protection. NIHL develops over a long period of time, sometimes decades, meaning that the majority of people assume their hearing is getting worse due to ageing, and not from their past or present exposure to noise at work.

The signs and symptoms of NIHL can include:

• Having to turn the television volume up

• Difficulty understanding when people talk

• Struggling to hear over background noise

• Muffled or distorted hearing

• Difficulty hearing things such as doorbell, telephone, alarm clocks, birds singing et cetera

• Struggling to hear high-pitched sounds, for example children, mobile phone ringtones.

• Buzzing or ringing in the ears – known as “tinnitus”

If you have experienced any of the symptoms described above and work in a noisy, industrial-style environment, you may have a claim for compensation. This can be sought by individuals who can be shown to have sustained damage to their hearing, and typically ranges from £3,000 to £15,000 - even though the noise exposure may have taken place decades ago.

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