A great catch for Doncaster fishing firm

Alan Hodgson, of World Feeds Ltd.
Alan Hodgson, of World Feeds Ltd.

Doncaster-based fish foods company World Feeds Ltd has appointed an additional manager who will focus exclusively on promoting its Vitalis range of aquatic nutrition products to public aquariums at home and abroad.

Alan Hodgson has worked in the aquatic retail industry for more than 30 years and is a dedicated fish enthusiast in his own right, having gained many industry accreditations.

He said: “I hope my retail experience and passion for the fishkeeping hobby will bring a new dimension to the Vitalis team, giving a different view of the industry and allowing the company to achieve further growth by creating a foundation through proven benefits and take it into Europe and beyond.”

Thorne-based World Feeds supplies nutritionally advanced fish foods to 120 major public aquariums across the world.

The Vitalis range is designed to cater for a wide range of aquarium fish species with many different nutritional requirements. They are manufactured in the company’s own factory in carefully controlled batches for tropical marine, tropical freshwater and cold freshwater aquarium fish and crustaceans.