Group of men threw cooking utensils and frying oil at each other after car crash near Doncaster chip shop

A group of men began throwing cooking utensils and frying oils at each other in a Doncaster chip shop after crashing their cars nearby.


If you get a WhatsApp message about a £250 ASDA voucher - make sure you ignore it

Criminals are attempting to scam people into giving away their personal details by sending out fake vouchers on WhatsApp.


'Spice zombie' filmed standing motionless on South Yorkshire high street in worrying video

This is the disturbing moment a drugged-up man was filmed standing motionless on a South Yorkshire high-street after reportedly taking the drug spice.
Police outside primary school - Picture: SWNS

Mum-of-three says 'kids are still traumatised' after being run over in Doncaster school playground

A mum-of-three has admitted her children are still traumatised after they were run over in a Doncaster school playground.

Two typhoons have been scrambled

RAF scramble two fighter jets to intercept French aircraft over English Channel

Two RAF fighter jets have been scrambled to intercept a French aircraft over the English Channel.


WATCH: Man suffers 'uncomfortable experience' at Sheffield IKEA thanks to 'hypersensitive toilet'

A customer has left a hilariously scathing review of the toilets at Sheffield IKEA after one of the most 'uncomfortable experiences' of his life.
Ridgewood School - Google Maps

South Yorkshire school warns 'students have downloaded Blue Whale suicide challenge app'

A South Yorkshire school has written to parents warning them that some of their students have downloaded a Blue Whale suicide challenge app.

Why has Meadowhall just been evacuated?

Hundreds of staff and customers have been evacuated from Meadowhall in Sheffield this morning.
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