Were you a regular on the dancefloor at the local Youth Club? Are you first on the floor at a wedding? Have you ever danced for an audience?
Clock corner in Doncaster town centre

What have you done to our once elegant Doncaster town?

Well we've just been into Doncaster, People walking about with a frown Where are all the smiling faces, What have you done to our town? The streets are dismal and dingy, many of the shops closing down I think it's the cost of the parking, What have you done to our town?  
The Burghwallis pub

Letter: Looking for an old friend from the 60’s

F.A.O. Gillian Carr  In 1965 Gill and I met on a blind date, at that time she worked in the Co-op Emporium. The date was a foursome to the Golden Ball pub at Bramley.  At the time Gill lived with Mum, Dad and younger sister Jackie at Spring Lane Sprotbrough. I was working at ICI Fibre's on Wheatley Hall Road. Shortly after Gill left the Co-op and went to work at Owen & Owen. We went on holiday to Jersey and remained close friends until mid 1967. Eventually we broke up, mainly due to our immaturity.  I left ICI Fibre's and went to E & G Charlesworth on Bennetthorpe and by chance I met Gill who was working at the Deaf School on Leger way so we arranged to go out for a meal which was fantastic to catch up. It wasn't until 1999, I was at the Burghwallis Pub for a meal and a lady with her son attracted my attention. "Do you recognise me?" I thought it was Jackie but it turned out to be Gill. Since then I have tried numerous times to contact her, without success. I now live in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Gill you have always remained a fond memory and I would love to hear from you. Phone +64275447700 Robert Campbell Email or  
Anitas horse Sully helps her to poo pick

In the Saddle: Why poo pick?

There are many reasons why poo picking is a crucial aspect of paddock maintenance. It’s one of those jobs that’s not exactly a love of horse owners, but we have to crack on.
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