Who is Adam from Married at First Sight? Meet the Doncaster electrician coupled with Tayah Victoria on MAFS UK

Doncaster’s own Adam Aveling has been making a splash on Married at First Sight – here’s everything you need to know about the young man.

Friday, 24th September 2021, 11:25 am

E4’s Married at First Sight’s sixth series in the UK has seen the arrival of Doncaster’s own Adam Aveling and his new partner, Tayah Victoria. The objective of the show is to couple up with someone and tie the knot immediately (hence the name), then try to stay together and make it work.

The 26-year-old Adam has worked as an electrician since leaving school, but is also passionate about going to the gym and maintaining his physical fitness. Meanwhile, his 25-year-old partner, Tayah, is an estate agent who has ambitions of becoming a young mum (to Adam’s initial chagrin).

The two are very active on social media. Adam’s Instagram following has increased by almost double since his debut on Married at First Sight – he currently sits at around 50,500 followers. Meanwhile, Tayah has even more than that, as she boasts roughly 62,800 followers on Instagram.

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Tayah and Adam tied the knot on Married At First Sight. (Photo: Adam Aveling/Instagram).

Additionally, Adam also has a (somewhat less successful) YouTube channel. On this platform, he gives workout tips, dietary advice and documents his entries into fitness shows and competitions. He’s a fitness model in his spare time and takes his health very seriously.

These personal passions of his have repeatedly gotten in the way of Adam’s love life – he says that he’s been too focused on his work and his fitness to settle down with a life partner.

Adam is no stranger to being on the box. Back in 2019, he was a contestant on ITV’s Back to Mine, but apparently this was not enough to scratch his reality TV itch. As he sometimes partakes in fitness shows, he is certainly comfortable when it comes to being in front of a camera.

Adam and Tayah’s unorthodox relationship has been going well so far, despite a particularly embarrassing faux pas at their wedding, where Adam mistook Tayah for one of the bridesmaids. Thankfully, the two have gotten past that toe-curling moment and have moved on from it.

You can catch up on how Adam and Tayah are doing on Monday, September 27th.