Matters in perspective for Sarah Stevenson

SARAH Stevenson says failing to live up to her medal favourite billing at London 2012 would not be the end of the world.

But the world champion admits she would still be upset if she did not win.

She said: “Everyone who knows they have got a realistic chance of gold will be upset if they don’t get it.

“You dream about it don’t you.

“Anybody would and I’ve got a great chance.”

The Bentley fighter says she has put things into perspective following the death of both her parents last year.

And that means she will be able to take defeat in her stride almost as easily as victory.

She said: “When you have gone through what I have, things do get put into perspective.

“Nothing really matters, beit pressure, a pain in your leg or whatever.

“There’s pressure whatever the competition.

“The worst thing would be losing my first fight when everybody’s watching but then I think, ‘Hang on, if that happens, so what?’

“I’d still have my husband, my family would still love me.

“It’s not the end of your life.”

While most members of Team GB will move into the Olympic Village over the next week, Stevenson will leave it until much closer to the day she competes.

Taekwondo is one of the last events to take place and Stevenson will not compete until August 10.

So, until August 6, Stevenson will remain at her home in Manchester where she trains with coach and husband Steve Jennings at the GB Taekwondo base.

Stevenson also believes her fellow competitors will continue to see her as a strong contender – despite her serious knee injury earlier this year.

She said: “People are still going to be worried about me – I’m going there as a world champion.”