AND THE NEW....Jamie McDonnell KO’s foe to win WBA title

Jamie McDonnell celebrates his WBA title win with fiancee Hollie Coombs. Picture: Lawrence Lustig

Jamie McDonnell celebrates his WBA title win with fiancee Hollie Coombs. Picture: Lawrence Lustig

  • by Liam Hoden at Wembley

Jamie McDonnell has become a two time world champion after the stunning knockout of Tabtimdaeg Na Rachawat.

The Hatfield fighter took the vacant WBA bantamweight crown by crumbling his tough Thai foe.

In the tenth round, McDonnell side stepped an advance and landed a left hook right under the jaw which sent Na Rachawat tumbling.

Though he tried to stand, Na Rachawat’s legs had gone with the referee stepping in to end the contest.

McDonnell had fought the fight perfectly against an opponent with clear and obvious power, keeping his distance using his considerable height advantage and covering up well when the fight came in close.

It ensured that while Na Rachawat was never too far away in the bout and remained dangerous, McDonnell was much the more comfortable throughout.

The first round could not have been more simple with Na Rachawat barely landing a glove for the whole three minutes.

That would not be the case in the rounds that followed with the tough Thai attempting to walk McDonnell down. Na Rachawat would repeatedly target the body.

McDonnell coped well with the increased pressure from Na Rachawat and responded with some excellent accuracy at close quarters, sending jabs down the middle.

Plenty of the bodyshot attempts by the Thai were finding McDonnell’s elbows while he began to increasingly land hooks from both sides.

He would end the round with a cut to his brow after a clash of heads.

McDonnell’s footwork was strong, staying light on his feet in defence and evading the big shots Na Rachawat attempted.

He would land a crisp right hook off a sidestep in the fourth before following up with an excellent uppercut. Na Rachawat simply could not find the clean shots in response.

It looked as though McDonnell was nullifying his opponent as the middle rounds approached. He looked very classy with combinations, particularly with his back to the ropes when he needed to fight to escape.

Na Rachawat would never take a backwards step however and continued to provide a reminder of his danger should McDonnell switch off.

McDonnell did dip as the rounds wore on but continued to have the edge.

It was somewhat ironic that the best of Na Rachawat came in the round he was stopped in.

His workrate was the better of the two though he did not really trouble McDonnell.

And then came the end.

Na Rachawat advanced with McDonnell on the ropes, the Hatfield man stepped to the right and sent in a big left hook that caught the Thai flush under the jaw, sending him to the mat.

McDonnell leapt onto the ropes as the fight waved off, the newly crowned WBA king.




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